After your treatment at Croydon Elective Centre

Recovering at home

If you have had surgery, we advise that you keep contact with others to a minimum for four weeks to further minimise your risk of contracting coronavirus during your recovery.

Follow the instructions on your discharge letter

You should always follow all the instructions given to you on your discharge letter. You should also have a contact number from your surgical team where you can seek advice if you have any concerns.

If you need to spend time in rehabilitation or need services such as physiotherapy, district nursing or occupational therapy, the same infection prevention measures outlined above will be used in these facilities. The follow up care will be discussed with you and outlined on your discharge summary.

If you have to stay in hospital for a prolonged period

If you stay in the hospital for a prolonged period, you will be tested for coronavirus every week. Before leaving hospital you may be asked to repeat the test, even if you have no symptoms. If you have been tested positive for coronavirus you will be cared for in a separate area of the hospital prior to discharge.

If you are discharged to a care home or hospice

If you are being discharged to a care home or hospice, we will test you for coronavirus before you leave the hospital.

Additional support available

You may be able to get help with practical issues such as shopping or arranging for someone to check in on you or call you on the phone, if you are isolated. This can be arranged through your Local Authority’s support service networks or your GP surgery may have a ‘social prescribing link worker.’

Follow up appointments

Where possible, follow-up outpatient appointments may now take place over the telephone or via video consultation. Our staff will discuss this with you.

If you or your family/carers have more questions or any concerns

If you have any further questions, please do speak to the doctors or nurses looking after you. Alternatively, you can speak to our Patient Advise and Liaison Service on 020 8401 3210 or via email at