Advice & Guidance (A&G) for GPs

We offer Advice and Guidance (A&G) on a number of our core services. A&G enables GPs to speak direct to our consultants for immediate referral advice on their patients.

GPs can confidentially discuss a case with our consultants to agree whether a patient’s condition is appropriate for secondary care. Once answered, the request can then be turned into a referral. This document is continually updated when a new service is available to it.

Services available on A&G

 An up to date list of e-RS services that enable A&G can be found on the e-RS webpage.

Definitions and Further Information

What is Consultant led Advice & Guidance provided in a Secondary Care setting?

Advice and Guidance is a communication about an NHS patient between two clinicians: the “requesting” clinician (GP) and the “responding” clinician (CHS Consultants/Clinician).

What Advice & Guidance Services do CHS provide?

CHS Consultants and Clinicians offer local GP’s two distinct types of A&G relating to patient care.

  1. Emergency A&G Services
  2. Routine A&G Services

1) Emergency A&G Services are provided by telephone (The Priority GP line) and responded to by the ‘on call’ Medical Consultants/ Clinician. The service is designed specifically for GP’s providing Urgent Medical Advice or guidance (usually with the patient in the GP practice).

          The Priority GP line - 0208 401 3450 or 0208 401 3000.

The service is available 24 hours a day x 7days a week and is answered by the hospital switchboard who will connect the GP to the on call consultant/clinician or correct department.

2) Routine A&G Services are provided by e-RS or email. To assist GP’s we have created a process flow below with two questions, which will direct them to the recommended method. A definition of the types of A&G and examples are listed in the table below.

Please note the hospital can only give advice about services provided at CHS. and we no longer accept Faxes or written letters

For a helpful flow chart and exampes, see:  Additional-Information-CHS-Definitions-of-AG-2021.docx