Flu vaccinations – help keep Croydon safe

It's not 'just' the flu

With the risk of both flu and coronavirus circulating this winter, it is more important than ever for those most at risk to get vaccinated. While flu can cause mild illness in most people, some are more likely to develop potentially serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia with around 11,000 people a year on average dying as a result in England.


People in the following groups are eligible for a free flu vaccination this year:

• Adults aged 65 and over by 31 March 2021

• Pregnant women

• Those with some pre-existing medical conditions, including those at-risk aged two to 64  

• Those on the shielded patient list and members of their household

• Children aged two to three, and all school year groups up to year seven

Where to get your vaccine

  • For the nasal spray flu vaccine for children contact your GP.
  • For the adult vaccine contact your local pharmacy or GP. 

Flu vaccinations for local people are not available at Croydon University Hospital. 

To find out more visit the NHS website