Transforming care for local people with our five-year strategy

Transforming care for local people with our new five-year strategy

Croydon's NHS has launched its first-ever shared strategy to transform and join-up care, improving the health, wellbeing and quality of life of local residents over the next five years.

The strategy, which has been developed with the input of over 400 local clinicians and other health and care professionals who look after people living throughout the borough, sets out a plan for the NHS across hospital, community, primary care and mental health and details how we can work even better together with our social care and voluntary sector partners.

Our long-term vision will be supported by a Clinical Strategy, which highlights the opportunities for the different parts of the NHS to work together borough partners to improve care for everyone in Croydon, with the knowledge that a huge part of supporting the health and wellbeing of local people happens outside of the traditional walls of an acute hospital or GP practice.

Our strategy focuses on six key areas where we can – and should – make the biggest difference over the next five years, placing significant emphasis on prevention and proactive care in the heart of local communities.

These six areas are: out of hospital care, planned care, urgent and emergency care, maternity, mental health, and children and young people.

Ultimately, this builds on our ambitious plans to deliver care closer to home than ever before, reducing health inequalities in areas of most need, increasing access to emergency care, and boosting the number of diagnostic tests and procedures we can deliver for local people to support early interventions, playing our part in tackling COVID-19 backlogs across the capital. Following the NHS workforce plan, launched earlier this month, we also have ambitious plans to recruit and retain talented NHS staff and create a health service fit for the present and the future.

This first-ever ‘place-based’ strategy continues our strong track-record for closer integration and collaborative working in Croydon, and has informed the wider ICS Joint Forward View, which looks across health and care services in South West London. Coupled with the existing Health and Care plan we developed in conjunction with partners and residents in 2019, we are confident that this strategy will help us to make a real difference to the lives of people living in Croydon.

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