Specialty PODs (Points of Delivery teams)


To make it easier for patients and GPs to contact us about hospital appointments, we have opened the PODs – or Points of Delivery teams. 

All of our PODs are open from 8.30 to 17.30, Monday to Friday.

The PODs bring together our administrative support teams for many of our specialist services to make it quicker and easier to arrange appointments and keep in contact with us.


A full list of PODs by specialty can be found below




Elderly care, Neurology, Rheumatology

020 8401 3973CH-TR.specialistmedicine1@nhs.net
POD2Respiratory / Chest Clinic, Cardiology020 8401 3974ch-tr.cardiologyrespiratory@nhs.net
POD3Gastroenterology, Endoscopy020 8401 3975CH-TR.gastro@nhs.net
POD4Dermatology (inc. Childrens), Haematology & Pathology, Breast020 8401 3977CH-TR.specialistmedicine2@nhs.net
POD5Maxfax & Oral, Orthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, ENT & Children’s ENT020 8401 3978CH-TR.headandneck@nhs.net
POD6General & Children’s Surgery, Vascular, Colorectal020 8401 3979CH-TR.generalsurgery@nhs.net
POD7Urology (inc. Children’s Urology)020 8401 3980CH-TR.Urology@nhs.net
POD8Orthopaedics (inc. Children’s Orthopaedics)020 8401 3981CH-TR.orthopaedics@nhs.net
POD9Community and Acute Paediatrics020 8401 3982CH-TR.paediatrics.admin@nhs.net
POD10Fertility, Obstetrics and Gynaecology020 8401 3983CH-TR.obsgynaequeries@nhs.net
POD11General Medicine, Renal, Diabetes / Endocrine020 8401 3976CH-TR.generalmedicine@nhs.net
POD12Pain Management020 8401 3305CH-TR.painmanagement@nhs.net
 POD13Cancer and 2WW Services 020 8401 3986CH-TR.urgentreferraloffice@nhs.net