Working together for a healthier Croydon

The Trust together with NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group is working to make services better for patients, with greater opportunities for staff, to give people more joined-up care.

To meet our shared commitment to deliver what is best for patients and staff, we are bringing together some functions across the Trust and the CCG, removing duplication and freeing-up resources for reinvestment on the frontline.

This is a first for the NHS in Croydon and London, agreeing shared targets we will work towards to fund service improvements and get the best possible spend for the Croydon pound. It builds on our a track record of success working with partners across the borough, through the One Croydon Alliance.

Today’s proposals mean Croydon is leading the way to more integrated care, with our two organisations working side-by-side with the local authority, GPs, mental health services and voluntary groups to try and keep people well and care for them when needed.

Having met with the CCG and Croydon Council, as well partners and the public, at a meeting to publish the proposals, the next step will be NHS regulator approval, in July. This will be followed with an initial go live in Autumn and a target for complete implementation by Spring 2020.

You can also read our proposals in full here, along with an executive summary, please see the documents  and we will continue to update you on progress with our partnership working.


Working together for a healthier Croydon