7.Our Patient Safety Incident Response Plan: Incidents that signify an Emergent or significant risks

7.1. To manage emergent risks or new incidents that signify extreme levels of risk, the trust will take a pragmatic approach. Incidents in this category are those that are currently unknown to the organisation (not on the predefined list). They will be patient safety incidents that signifies an extreme level of risk for patients, families and carers, staff or organisations, and where the potential for new learning and improvement is so great that it warrants the use of extra resources to mount a comprehensive PSII response.

7.2. It is important to note that, in certain circumstances such incidents will not require PSII but may benefit from a different type of examination to gain further insight or address queries from the patient, family, carers or staff.

7.4. The decision on how to respond will sit with the Executive Lead for Quality (The Joint Chief Nurse).