Your appointments

We promise the people of Croydon we will do our best to ensure you feel we value your time with convenient appointments, minimal waiting and care closer to home.

We hope you find our booking process, whether by phone, electronic or by letter, to be timely, clear and easy to understand.

When your appointment is booked you will be advised where the appointment is and what you will need.

Please arrive promptly for your appointment.

Cancelling an appointment

If you do have to cancel an appointment please let us know as soon as possible, so we can offer the date and time to someone else.

You should find a phone number at the top of your appoinment letter or card but listed below are some of the main numbers or e-mail addresses you can use to cancel an appointment.

Contact information for services can also be found in our A-Z of services.

Important numbers

Day surgery: 020 8401 3737

Pre-operative assessments: 020 8401 3880

CT scan: 020 8401 3049

MRI scan: 020 8401 3696 or 3694

Ultrasound scan: 020 8401 3035

Vascular Ultrasound scan: 020 8401 3826

Osteoporosis scan (DEXA): 020 8401 3000 ext 4124

Cardiac: (e.g angioplasty): 020 8401 3000 ext 4549

Bradbeer Unit: (breast): 020 8401 3448

Procedures in Diagnostic Unit: (e.g radiology) : 020 8401 3000 ext 4117

Croydon University Hospital

  • Plain Xray: 0208 401 3494
  • Ultrasound: 0208 401 3035

Purley Hospital

  • Plain Xray and Ultrasound: 0208 401 3240