Our maternity services

Having a baby is a life-changing event that is different for everyone. It can be both exciting and bewildering, with lots of questions and many choices to make.

To support you to have a healthy start for you and your baby, it is important to arrange your antenatal booking appointment by the 10th week of your pregnancy.

You can either refer yourself to the hospital by completing our online referral form 

Antenatal self referral form

You can also call the Antenatal Booking Centre on 020 8401 3000 ext 4202 or by going to your GP who will refer you.

We will aim to ensure that your first booking appointment is within two weeks.

If you aren't already taking folic acid, please start as soon as possible to help your developing baby.

If you want to find out more about our facilities and care, then come along to one of our Early Pregnancy evenings - held at 7pm on the first Wednesday of each month - at our Antenatal Clinic in the yellow zone. The closest parking is Car Park 2 which is right next to the maternity unit (green zone) where there is also a drop off zone. Just click on this map to the different zones within the hospital.

Plan of CUH site

When the time comes for you to have your baby, you want to be in a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, confident and secure. You also want everything to go as smoothly as possible.Our midwives will be with you every step of the way, offering your help and advice throughout your pregnancy.

This film tells you more about the care we offer if you choose to have your baby with us. 

When you are ready to start planning for your pregnancy you can use the antenatal referral form above to book your first appointment with us, or ask your GP to do this for you.

What people have to say about our maternity services

We receive regular feedback on our services from local mums as well as a range of health care regulators.  

Recently Emma thanked us for the excellent care she received throughout her pregnancy and labour and sent us this picture of her baby Arthur.

She said: "Arthur who was born at CUHRight from the word go everyone was amazing, booking in scans, rearranging dates etc no one could have been more helpful….

I developed complications during pregnant with gestational diabetes and then borderline pre-eclampsia. I was under the care of Boni (diabetic midwife) who is so passionate about her job made me feel like I was her only patient - how she ever makes it home I'll never know.

Whenever there was an issue … she was always at the end of the phone or physically able to see me if needed. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone.

[Arthur] was brought into the world by a team who exude the best qualities the NHS have to offer. Once up on Mary Ward we had just the right combination of care. We were left to the adjustments of parenthood but knew someone was there if needed. I 100% recommend anyone to use your services."  Email received November 2017

Some of the other feedback we have had from happy parents is below

"Just want to say how pleased I am with the services we got from Croydon's labour suite...  just want to say thank you to everyone but especially Jason." Care Opinion, May 2017

"I gave birth to my daughter at Croydon University hospital and my experience of staff who took care of me in Hope ward and Labour ward were excellent." Care Opinion, March 2017

'"I want to thank all of the staff of the Hope and Labour ward for looking after me and my little one before and after his delivery. You all did a very amazing job to keep us both well and healthy.

Thanks for the professionalism of all the staff keeping us well informed, making us feel that we were looked after and making the arrival of our baby boy so special even under unexpected circumstances (emergency caesarean)." Care Opinion, March 2017

"I gave birth to my baby three days ago at Croydon Hospital in the early hours of the morning and was cared for by one of the most fantastic midwives I've ever met....My midwife Jason was really lovely, he put me at ease and was so kind and caring to me and my husband...I cannot speak more highly of him or your department at all." Care Opinion, January 2017

Life as a new parent

Life as a new parent is rewarding and challenging - but you're not alone.  

We're here to support the whole family and give information and advice when you and your baby return home.

Our short film tells you all you need to know.


If you have had your baby in hospital, our midwives will look after you until you go home, and keep an eye on you and your baby for a little while. Once you’ve had your baby, one of our health visitors will be in touch to arrange a new birth visit when your baby is around two weeks of age.

Your health visitor

Your health visitor will stay with you until your child starts school, working with your GP to look after the health of you and your new baby. They can give advice on looking after your baby, feeding and any questions you may have about being a new mum. They’ll also let you know about the immunisations that are recommended for your baby, and make sure that your baby is developing as expected.

See our health visiting page for more information about this service.

Help with breastfeeding

Our infant feeding team can visit you in hospital, at home or see you in a local children’s centre or Baby Café. We’re proud to be part ofUnicefs ‘Baby Friendly Initiative’, supporting the loving bond and a vital difference to health that breastfeeding makes. You can find out more about our Breastfeeding support here

Additional support for young parents

Learning to be a parent is a new experience for everyone, but when you’re a teenager it can be especially challenging. We have a team dedicated to working with young parents, to make sure you get all of the help you need.

When you choose to have your baby with us, you’ll receive more information about each of these stages, but if you have any questions ask your GP or contact us. 

“The midwives made me feel comfortable and I could ask for anything.” Sophie

Options for your birth

Women who register with our maternity services can choose to have their baby at any of the following

At home

Women who are expecting uncomplicated pregnancies and would like to give birth at home will receive the support of a dedicated midwife from the Crocus Team.

Read more about our Crocus Team and home births here

Lucina Birth Centre

Women with uncomplicated pregnancies who are expecting a straight-forward delivery but would prefer to be in a hospital environment can give birth in the Birth Centre. The centre provides midwife-led care in individual rooms, complete with bath or birthing pool, beanbags, subtle lighting and a home-like atmosphere. 

The centre has been recently refubished and is a relaxed and welcoming place to bring a new baby into the world. It is located close to other maternity facilities should a woman require additonal support during labour.

Read more about the Lucina Centre here

Delivery suite

The delivery suite caters for women who need additional support during birth.  

The eleven rooms have ensuite facilities, bright, fresh décor, with adjustable lighting, individual temperature control and comfort cooling, to allow all women to experience as normal labour and birth as possible in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Each room has a computer so that midwives can update information immediately whilst maintaining patient confidentiality.  

The service is happy to offer tours of the facilities to women and GPs. 

Find our more about abour delivery suite here


For women who need additional support

Most women have normal labour and safe births – but if something doesn’t go according to plan then it’s reassuring to know that we have a team on-hand to help. 

Additional services

Our maternity services are supported by experienced consultant obstetricians, anaesthetists and a first-rate special care baby unit. We also have a team of specialist paediatricians to look after your baby if they need on-going support.

We work closely with neighbouring trusts, so if you need very specialist care that we can’t offer, we can quickly and safely get you to the service you need.

In our team we have midwives with different areas of expertise, to ensure everyone has a safe birth.

This includes:

  • Specialist support for diabetic mums
  • Specialist support for mums who are HIV+ or have Hepatitis B or other conditions
  • Specialist support for women who have caesarean births (the ‘vbac’ programme)
  • Specialist support for women who may experience bereavement

Advice, support and raising concerns

Your midwife should always be your first point of contact for discussions about your care. However, if you would like to speak with someone other than your own midwife, or you are concerned about any element of our service our Supervisors of Midwives are be happy to help.

Contact the team

Our team are trained to give you the very best care

Midwives, obstetricians, nurses, health care assistants and our support team all work together to make sure you have the very best experience we can offer.

If you are unsure who to speak to please contact our main switchboard: 020 8401 3000

Departments and wards

Early pregnancy assessment unit:  020 8401 3985

Antenatal booking centre: 020 8401 3000 ext 4202; Email: ch-tr.ancreferral@nhs.net

Antenatal clinic Midwives: 020 8401 3459/3470

Birth Centre: 020 8401 3169

Labour Ward: 020 8401 3179  


Community Midwives

Office: available from 08:00-09:00 020 8401 3000 3171

Central Team: 020 8401 3000 4419 or 07976 704 027

North Team: 020 8401 3000 5038 or 07976 704 127

West Team: 020 8686 8954 or  07976 704 164

Southeast: 020 8401 3000 2385/6 or 07976 704 097


Visitor information

The Antenatal unit is in the yellow zone and the Maternity Unit in the green zone. The closest parking to both is Car Park 2, which is right next to the Maternity Unit, where there is also a drop off zone.

Delivery Suite - 2 birthing partners allowed - no general visiting

Birth centre -  2 birthing partners allowed - no general visiting

Mary ward  - Partners open visiting. Visitors 15:00 -20:00

Hope ward- Partners open visiting. Visitors 15:00 -20:00 

Team members:

Director of Midwifery

Ann Morling

Email: a.morling@nhs.net

020 8401 3000 ext 5230.


Deputy Head of Midwifery

Lead for Complex Care

Karen Rooke

020 8401 3000 ext 4008

Email: Karen.rooke@nhs.net 


Clinical Midwifery Manager

Labour ward, Triage and Obstetric Theatres

Lead midwife for education

Becky Board

020 8401 3000 ext 3168

Email: rebeccaboard@nhs.net 


Maternity Matron

Mary (Postnatal), Hope (Antenatal) Ward and Special Care Baby Unit

Lena Karam

020 8401 3000, Extn: 4851

Email lenalaurice.karam@nhs.net


Consultant Midwife and lead for the Birth Centre and Community

Gina Short

020 840 3000 ext 4017

Email gina.short@nhs.net

Advice, support and raising concerns

Your midwife should always be your first point of contact for discussions about your care.  

You may also choose to speak to our PALs and complaints team.

Maternity news

See below for a recent news story about our great maternity team here at CHS

Memuna and Paulina - two award winning midwives at CHS