E-learning for CRS Millennium

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust moved to a new electronic patient management system in September 2013. This system, known as CRS Millennium, holds up-to-date clinical information relating to the care of patients within the Trust and will be used by all clinicians working for the Trust.

Our clinicians have secure access to a single patient information system, CRS Millennium. This is helping us to deliver consistently better care by giving our clinicians access to medical records at the touch of a button.


E-learning for our clinical staff

Our e-learning has been designed for bank, agency and student nurses and locum doctors who may work with the Trust.

The e-learning will ensure that staff supplied to the Trust are familiar with CRS Millennium and are able to provide patient care.

Bank, agency and locum staff that have not completed the e-learning will not be able to work with Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.

E-learning packages will work on a standard PC or Macintosh computer and can be accessed anywhere with a web connection.

For the Trust’s permanent staff, e-learning can be used as refresher-training, but does not replace classroom training except for student nurses. Smart cards will not be issued unless a full course has been attended and all staff joining the Trust, that need training, will need to attend classroom training.

Different e-learning packages have been developed for doctors and nurses, as they need to know different things to use the system.  Please ensure you select the correct packages below:


E-learning for CRS Millennium (Phase TWO (Theatres and Maternity)

New e-learning modules are being created to help you with the release of Phase TWO. There is new functionality and some processes have changed.

Start Phase TWO e-learning


E-learning for Bank, Agency and Student Nurses 

The nurses e-learning modules are interactive quizzes with a test at the end to ensure that all information has been understood. Nurses are required to complete all modules in the correct order and on the last module they will be directed to the ‘Overall Nurses Assessment’ which will, once completed, send your results to the Agency, Bank Office or Placement Co‑ordinator, as selected. Bank nurses need to choose ‘Croydon Nurses’, from the drop down box; students choose ‘Placement Co‑ordinator.’ And Agencies, select your agency from the drop down list.

Start Nurses' e-learning


E-learning for Doctors

Doctors control the pace of the e-learning and the modules must be completed in order: once you reach the final module you will be asked to enter your name and registration details in order to confirm that you have completed the training and that you feel competent to use Millennium. Your details will then be sent to the relevant Agency.  Locum doctors employed through the hospital need to select ‘Croydon Doctors’ from the drop down list.

Start Doctors' e-learning