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CRS Millennium e-learning for nurses

The Modules are required to be taken in order, 1-33. Click on the first module and once you have completed the module and the test, close the window and go back to the list below to select the second module. Continue in this manner until you have completed all thirty three modules and tests. The continue button is currently non-functional.

Once you have completed the last module (33) you will be given the option to click on the Home button.  This button will take you to the overall Assessment page. 

You will be presented with questions which are required to be answered, based on all of the modules you have completed.

For background information to this e-learning package, please visit our CRS Millennium introduction page.

If you require IT support due to a problem with using the e-learning, please contact the Croydon Health Services IT Service Desk on: 020 8401 3838

If you are taking this training as an agency nurse, once you have completed the e-learning your agency will be notified. When you are working at the Trust the Sister in-charge will issue you with a smart card to use during your shift, which you will be asked to sign for and return.

Nurses e-Learning Modules

 Nursing Care Plans
 NEW:  Blood Transfusions Care Plans
 Blood Tranfusions Care Plan 1_Consent
 Blood Tranfusions Care Plan 2_Transfusion sampling
 Blood Tranfusions Care Plan_3 Collection
 Blood Tranfusions Care Plan_4 Administration
 Blood Tranfusions Care Plan_5 Transfusion Reaction
 Blood Tranfusions Care Plan_6 Refusal Management
 NEW:  Meds Administration
 Drug Administration
 Administering Continuous Infusion
 Administering Red Cell Transfusion
 Administering Plasma Infusion
Introduction to PMOffice and Searching for a Patient
1 Introduction to PMOffice
2 Searching for a Patient on the Patient Demographic Spine
3 Searching for a Patient using a Postcode Search
4 Searching for a Patient using a Wild Card Search
Patient Information in PMOffice
5 View Patient Demographics
6 Change Patient Demographics
7 Patient Locator (Find a Patient’s Location in the Hospital)
8 Create and Modify a Patient List
9 Create and Modify a Patient Access List
Admissions and Transfers
10 View Patient Encounter
11 Elective Admission
12 Non-Elective Admission from another Trust
13 Non-Elective Admission from A&E
14 Pending Transfer
15 Transfer to another Clinician
16 Bed Swap
17 Complete Transfer
18 Reprinting Labels
19 Printing Facesheets and Labels
Introduction to PowerChart
20 Introduction to PowerChart
21 View a Patient’s Summary in PowerChart
22 Viewing Patient Information
View and Record Clinical Documents
23 Review Historical Documents
24 Create and view Clinical Notes
View and Record Observations & Assessments
25 Creating Observations & Assessments (Recording Vital Signs)
26 Creating a Bristol Stools Assessment
27 Recording an OT Referral
28 Create View and Modify Allergies
29 Viewing Test Results Graphically
Discharge Process
30 Complete a Discharge Checklist
31 In Patient Discharge
Requests/Care Plans
32 Requesting Multiple Pathology Test
33 Request a Care Pathway (Creating Pressure Care Pathway)
35 TEST 2 Request and

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