E-learning for CRS Millennium (Phase 2)


Choose from the courses below to complete your e-learning training

Maternity all staff

Personalising your Document Type list
Adding an Antenatal Note
Recording Intrapartum Obs and creating an Intrapartum Note
Updating an Intrapartum Note

Maternity all midwives

Maternity Antenatal Booking Assessment
Request and schedule an Emergency Obstetric Procedure
Antenatal Discharge
Registering a newborn
Related Records Results copy for mother and baby
Newborn Discharge
Mother and baby Postnatal Discharge
Recording a Homebirth Delivery
Complete SBAR

Theatre clinicians

Order Emergency Procedure
Transfer Clinician
Change Theatre Area
Record and Modify Note

All theatre staff

Case Tracking and Case Selection
Pre-Operative Checklist
Set events
Pre-Operative Document (Anaesthetic Room)
Intra Operative Document
Recovery Document
Check out
View / Print Theatre lists