Work experience

Work experience applications are now open until 31st March 2019 for applicants who both live and study in Croydon

For young people who are thinking about a career as a healthcare professional, a work experience placement at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust can offer the opportunity to see what a job in the NHS is really like.

We offer week-long work experience opportunities in admin and clinical areas during the month of July every year.

Work experience may confirm a career choice, or lead you to pursue an option you had not previously considered and is often an advantage when applying for jobs or higher education courses. 

We offer a limited number of work experience placements to applicants aged 16 – 18 years, who are both resident in, and studying at school or college in the London Borough of Croydon for a maximum of a one week block in July each year, with no availability for long term opportunities. Work experience is for observation purposes only.

Contact the team for application forms and advice email