E-learning for Nurses


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Nursing care plans

Nursing care plans

Blood transfusion care plans

Blood transfusions care plan 1 - Consent
Blood transfusions care plan 2 - Transfusion sampling
Blood transfusions care plan 3 - Collection
Blood transfusions care plan 4 - Administration
Blood transfusions care plan 5 - Transfusion reaction
Blood transfusions care plan 6 - Refusal management

Medicines Administration

Drug administration
Administering Continuous Infusion
Administering Red Cell Transfusion
Administering Plasma Infusion

Introduction to PMO Office and searching for a patient

Introduction to PMO Office
Searching for a patient on the Patient Demographic Spine
Searching for a patient using the Postcode Search
Searching for a patient using a Wild Card Search

Patient Information in PMO Office

View patient demographics
Change patient demographics
Patient locator (find a patient's location in hospital)
Create and modify a Patient List
Create and modify a Patient Access List

Admissions and Transfers

View patient encounter
Elective admission
Non-elective admission from another Trust
Non-elective admission from A&E
Pending transfer
Transfer from another clinican
Bed swap
Complete transfer
Reprinting labels
Printing factsheets and labels

Introduction to Power Chart

Introduction to Power Chart
View a patient's summary in Power Chart
Viewing patient information

View and record clinical documents

Review historical documents



Create and view Clinical Notes


View and record observations and assessments

Creating observations and assessments (Recording Vital Signs)
Creating a Bristol Stools Assessment
Recording an Occupational Therapy (OT) referral
Create, view and modify allergies
Viewing test results graphically

Discharge process

Complete a Discharge Checklist
Inpatient discharge

Requests and Care Plans

Requesting multiple pathology tests
Request a Care Pathway (Creating Pressure Care Pathway)