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CRS Millennium e-learning for doctors

The Modules are best taken in order.  However not all sections will necessarily apply to your job, for example if you are only working on a ward you will not need outpatient prescribing. Only complete the relevant modules.

Once you have completed all of the modules please click on the link at the bottom of the page to confirm that you have completed all of the relevant e-learning for your job role. The information will then be sent to the Trust verifying your e-Learning completion.

For background information to this e-learning package please visit our CRS Millennium introduction page.

If you are completing the Meds e-learning you must complete the quiz.

If you require IT support due to a problem with using the e-learning, please contact the Croydon Health Services ICT Training Dept on: 020 8401 4446  

 Doctors' e-Learning

Introduction and set up 1.    Introduction to PowerChart
2.    Working in the Message Centre
3.    Endorsing Results
4.    Searching for a Patient
5.    View Patient Summary
6.    Create and Modify Patient Lists
7.    Introduction to Doctors Worklist
Documentation 8.    How to Set Up your Personal Document Type
9.    Viewing and Creating Clinical Documents
10. Clinical Clerking
11. Recording Problems and Diagnoses
12. Creating and Working with Favourite Folders
13. Recording Past Medical and Social History
14. Recording and Modifying Allergies
15. Creating Observations/Assessments
16. VTE Assessment
17. Dementia Assessment
Requesting 18. Requesting Investigation
19. Recording a Procedure
20. Requesting Surgery
21. Order Emergency Procedure
22. Transfer Clinician
23. Change Theatre Area
24. Record and Modify Note


25. Electronic Prescribing - Recording Medication History
26. Inpatient Admission Reconciliation Pt 1
27. Inpatient Admission Reconciliation Pt 2
28. Prescribing using Care Plans
29. Modify, Suspend and Resume Prescription
30. Using the Drug Chart to Administer Medication
31. Infusion: Maintenance-Replacement Fluids
32. Complex Infusion (Aminophylline)
33. Sliding Scale Infusion: Insulin
34. Oxygen Infusion
35. Prescribing PCA
36. Syringe Driver
37. Prescribing Gentamicin
38. Prescribing Omeprazole
39. Prescribing Teicoplanin
40. Blood Transfusion
41. Blood Transfusions Care Plan 1_Consent
42. Blood Transfusions Care Plan 2_Transfusion sampling
43. Blood Transfusions Care Plan_5 Transfusion Reaction
44. Blood Transfusions Care Plan_6 Refusal Management
45. Resus: Change to NOT FOR CPR
46. Resus: Change to FOR CPR
47. Discharge Reconciliation
48. TTO Order (Informing Pharmacy TTO needs to be checked (To Take Out)
49. Outpatient Prescriptions
50. Discharge Summary


51. ED for Specialty Doctors
52. ED Scenario 1 Part 1_Familiarisation and Requests
53. ED Scenario 1 Part 2_Admissions and Obs Ward
54. ED Scenario 2_Requests, Modifications, Discharge


55. Personalising your Document Type List
56. Adding an Antenatal Note
57. Recording Intrapartum Obs and Creating Intrapartum Note
58. Updating an Intrapartum Note
You should complete and pass one of the following quizzes 
(depending on your role)

Cerner for Doctors

Cerner Quiz for ED Doctors

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