E-learning for Nurses


Choose from the sections below to complete your Cerner e-Learning. Please open the eLearning links with Internet Explorer. 

Blood transfusion care plans

Blood transfusions care plan 1 - Consent
Blood transfusions care plan 2 - Transfusion sampling
Blood transfusions care plan 3 - Collection
Blood transfusions care plan 4 - Administration
Blood transfusions care plan 5 - Transfusion reaction
Blood transfusions care plan 6 - Refusal management

Introduction to PMO Office and searching for a patient

Introduction to PM Office
Searching for a patient on the Patient Demographic Spine
Searching for a patient using the Postcode Search
Searching for a patient using a Wild Card Search

Admissions and Transfers

View Patient Encounter
Elective admission
Non-elective admission from another Trust
Non-elective admission from A&E
Pending transfer
Transfer from another clinican
Bed swap
Complete transfer
Reprinting labels
Printing facesheets and labels

View and record observations and assessments

Creating observations and assessments (Recording Vital Signs)
Creating a Bristol Stools Assessment
Recording an Occupational Therapy (OT) referral
Create, view and modify allergies
Viewing test results graphically