E-learning for Doctors


Choose from the courses below to complete your e-learning training

Introduction and set-up

Introduction to PowerChart
Working in the Message Centre
Endorsing Results
Searching for a patient
View patient summary
Create and modify patient lists
Introduction to Doctors' Worklist


How to set up your Personal Document Type
Viewing and creating clinical documents
Clinical Clerking
Recording problems and diagnosis
Creating and working with Favourite Folders
Recording Past Medical and Social History
Recording and modifying allergies
Creating observations / assessments
VTE assessments
Dementia assessments


Electronic Prescribing - Recording Medication History
Inpatient Admission Reconciliation Pt 1
Inpatient Admission Reconciliation Pt 2
Prescribing using Care Plans
Modify, Suspend and Resume Prescription
Using the Drug Chart to Administer Medication
Infusion: Maintenance - Replacement Fluids
Complex Infusion (Aminophylline)
Sliding Scale Infusion: Insulin
Oxygen Infusion
Prescribing PCA
Syringe Driver
Prescribing Gentamicin
Prescribing Omeprazole
Prescribing Teicoplanin
Blood Transfusion
Blood Transfusion Care Plan - Consent
Blood Transfusion Care Plan - Transfusion sampling
Blood Transfusion Care Plan - Transfusion Reaction
Blood Transfusion Care Plan - Refusal Management
Change to NOT FOR CPR
Change to FOR CPR
Discharge Reconciliation
To Take Out (TTO) Order - informing pharmacy TTO needs to be checked
Outpatient prescriptions
Discharge summary

Emergency Department

Emergency Department for Specialty Doctors
Emergency Department scenario Pt 1 - Familiarisation and Requests
Emergency Department scenario Pt 2 - Admissions and Obs Ward
Emergency Department scenario - Requests, Modifications, Discharge