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Every patient, every colleague, every day

We want local people to feel confident in our care, and for our staff to feel proud to work here. Our values shape everything we do, every single day. They determine our behaviour and the experience of those we look after.

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Our values shape the way we work at the Trust

Our values

We will always be professional, compassionate, respectful and safe.


• Set ourselves very high standards and share best practice

• Keep our uniforms smart, and be professional and consistent in our approach

• Work in partnership to best support our community’s needs

• Use resources wisely without compromising quality or safety


• Treat everyone as we would want to be treated ourselves

• Demonstrate kindness, dignity, empathy and compassion

• Make time for the people we are caring for, to understand their needs and wants

• Organise our services to give people the best possible experience  of care


• Be courteous and welcoming, and introduce ourselves

• Value the diversity and needs of everyone

• Always involve people in decisions about their care, listening to and respecting their wishes

• Appreciate the contribution that staff from all backgrounds bring to our services


• Be open and honest in everything we do, sharing what we do well and admitting our mistakes, to constantly improve our care

• Protect the confidentiality of those in our care and show sensitivity to people around us

• Feel free to raise concerns so we are always learning

• Make time for training and development and support research so people always receive the highest standards of care.