HATS electric ambulance We are committed to delivering sustainable healthcare by actively protecting the environment that we all depend on.

This is a major priority for the NHS because climate change, pollution and habitat destruction are among the greatest threats to our planet and to public health.

Like most large organisations, we have an environmental presence to manage sustainably, and many opportunities to lead from the front in making environmentally friendly changes.

Green Plan

We have now launched our Trust-wide Green Plan 2022-25 and you can view it here:  CHS Green Plan 2022-25

Through this plan, we are increasingly supporting our staff to embed sustainability into their everyday work through training, facilities and resources. We're also working with our suppliers, partners and other stakeholders to achieve shared sustainability objectives.

It is a huge undertaking across seven comprehensive work streams: Energy & Water; Goods & Services; Medicines; Waste & Recycling; Travel; Pollution & Space; Food.

Improvements will be significant as we work towards our goal of being carbon net zero by 2040. By 2045 we want this to include things we also influence indirectly – such as the wider supply chain.

Ongoing progress

We've already made a lot of important changes at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, including being more than halfway towards a goal of reducing our carbon emissions by one-third by 2025. You can find more examples in the plan.

Contact us

If you would like to contact our sustainability lead directly, you can email