We asked some of the staff who featured in Croydon 24 to tell us what working in one of London's biggest boroughs means to them. Here's what they said:

Stella Vig

Stella Vig, Consultant Vascular & General Surgeon & Trainer

“As a surgeon, my main interest is preventing amputations from diabetes. Foot complications need treating rapidly so the infection does not spread. This also makes up a large part of my trainer work, sharing learnings with trainees, our future consultants. Croydon has a great training culture and having benefitted from that myself, it was an area that I was keen to move into.

“I was working here when the tram crash happened and it's very clear that when the going gets touch, Croydon really comes together -  with people reaching out to each other and getting on with what a hospital should do, which is looking after the people in our communities.

“I am so proud of working for Croydon Health Services NHS Trust. After my father developed dementia he was seen here many times and was so well looked after before his death. I have seen how the hospital has grown over the years to support the health and wellbeing of neighbourhoods across the borough. My hope is that patients and families continue to see the impact of that now and in the future.”