Srikanth Akunuri, General Consultant, Acute Medical Unit

We asked some of the staff who featured in Croydon 24 to tell us what working in one of London's biggest boroughs means to them. Here's what they said:


Srikanth Akunuri, General Consultant, Acute Medical Unit

“It has been an adventure coming to Croydon. The mix of people is unlike anywhere else I have worked and as a doctor you see a real range of patients. That for me is the biggest attraction about working here.

“When we see patients, their families and carers are often with them and ask questions so it means we are all kept sharp! We have to explain what the treatment is, why we are doing it and what difference it will have.

“What I do varies each day – at times I will be seeing patients on the ward and at others I am on call for the emergency department.

“I moved from India to the UK 17 years ago and when I started at Croydon I was told to expect a challenge. And I have faced challenges, in the best way, which is motivating and makes the job fulfilling. My team here are always enthusiastic and hardworking – like me they are passionate about caring and passionate about making patients and where we work better.”