We asked some of the staff who featured in Croydon 24 to tell us what working in one of London's biggest boroughs means to them. Here's what they said:


Jessica Davidson, Clinical Service Lead & Health Visitor, North West Health Visiting Team Jessica Davidson

“Every health visitor is either a qualified nurse or midwife - it is a traditional NHS role to promote health and wellbeing for under 5’s. We support parents in the lead up to birth, as they move into parenthood and then once their baby is born. This includes health and development guidance, to advice on eating well, to a parent’s mental health.

“We are one of the six health visiting teams - I am at Leander Road. We see families at home and host clinics where they drop in talk about any health issues they may have. However they chose to use us, families know the support from a health visitor is consistent throughout their journey as a parent.

“The new confidential text service Chat Health has made a real difference to parents. It is an easy way to ask for advice and we are always looking at smarter, new ways of working with our families.

“I trained in Surrey and have been at Croydon for five years. As a health visitor, you have a positive and direct impact on individuals, families and the wider community. We always see an increase of need from families over Christmas. It can be a challenging time, particularly for those who are vulnerable and it is most rewarding when people feel and see an improvement in their health. That is the core purpose of our role - caring and supporting families.”