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Trust Director steps back towards retirement

Michael Burden

Our Director of Human Resources and Organisational development has this week announced his plan to step down from his role at the Trust as he begins his road to retirement. 

After more than 45 years of dedicated service to the NHS, Michael has decided that a change of pace is needed, whilst continuing to support front line staff and contributing to leadership across the NHS.

Before retiring, Michael will lend his wealth of experience to the newly formed Integrated Care System (ICS) in South East London.

Announcing his decision, Michael said:

“Next year will be my 46th in the NHS and after more than a decade in Croydon, I think a change of pace and place is needed.

“Looking back, I have seen the Trust go from strength-to-strength and the way our teams have stepped-up, especially during recent years, is nothing short of remarkable. I will always be proud of what we have achieved together in the borough and I will be sad to leave so many friends and colleagues behind, but I am looking forward to the next chapter.

“This will be the final conclusion of my career supporting the continued transformation of health and care with the South East London ICS before enjoying my retirement – and literally sailing into the sunset on a cruise that has for a long time has been high on my bucket list.”

Thanking Michael for his years of dedicated service, Matthew Kershaw, Trust Chief Executive and Place Based Leader for Health, said:

“Michael has been a rock of unwavering support and expert counsel and I know that he will be dearly missed in Croydon. With more than four decades in the NHS, including eleven in Croydon, he is the longest serving member of the Trust Board.

“We are grateful to everything he has given to the role and for his steadfast dedication for our patients, local community and staff in the borough. I would like to wish him well as a new dawn begins, starting with his new role supporting our NHS colleagues on the other side of south London. I am sure they will reap the benefits of his experience and we look forward to hearing about his many adventures to come.”

Mike Bell, Chair of Croydon Health Services NHS Trust said:

“I would especially like to Michael for his constant leadership over the past few years. Together we have led the NHS in Croydon through radical reforms to join-up our care and support for local people. With local businesses and universities, we have also made Croydon a beacon for training doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. These are changes that will benefit our community for generations to come.”

As a trained nurse, Michael began his NHS career at St Helier Hospital before moving into human resource management in a number of healthcare settings.

He will start his new role on 3 October after a period of annual leave. Arrangements to appoint a successor at Croydon Health Services will now begin and more details of that will follow in the very near future.


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