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There's still time to get involved in the 5K May challenge!

Croydon, there’s still time to get fit this May!


With May soon coming to an end, this is the final push to get you involved with our Run for Heroes #5KMay challenge!


Thank you to those of you that have been involved so far - would love for more people to take part so here are some helpful tips on how to make the challenge as simple and easy to get involved in as possible!


Make sure you complete 5K, donate £5 and nominate 5 people.


The money raised will be donated to the Croydon Health Services Charitable Fund – our Trust charity which directly benefits our patients and staff. Once you donate via our dedicated fundraising page, you will also be eligible for rewards from brands such as ZipCar and Hello Fresh!


You can donate here 


Once you complete your 5k remember to nominate five other people to do the challenge too!


We want as many people to know that you have supported our Charitable Fund so make sure you use the #5KMayCHS hashtag in all of your 5K May social media posts and tag us too (@croydonhealth / @croydonhealthservices)!


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