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Our pay-by-phone parking provider is changing from 2 May

From Tuesday 2 May a new pay-by-phone parking provider will take over from our current partners at our Croydon University Hospital and Purley War Memorial sites

Our new providers will be Saba - you can visit their website here  and see their FAQ's page here for further details on how to use their services.  

To purchase parking from 2 May onwards, you must download the Saba app or use their website. You can download the app to your Smartphone via iOS here or via Google Play here

Please note there have been no changes to the parking charges , only the way in which you purchase parking will be changing. This means that whatever price you are currently paying to park will not change once the provider switch-over takes place. Please be sure to throughly read the signage and terms and conditions.

For patient and visitor parking at Croydon University Hospital, please visit:  https://www.sabaparking.co.uk/car-park/croydon-university-hospital-patient-visitor-car-park

For parking at Purley War Memorial hospital, please visit:  https://www.sabaparking.co.uk/car-park/purley-war-memorial-hospital-patient-visitor-car-park


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