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Croydon's Director of Public Health visits Croydon Cares

On Friday (8 March 2024) Rachel Flowers (Director of Public Health in Croydon) attended our weekly Croydon Cares meeting for our nursing staff to highlight the health inequalities that the LGBTQ+ community face which are outlined in her most recent annual report. Read on to find out how it went

Stop Smoking Day - it's never too late to quit

This year's No Smoking Day is swiftly approaching as it takes place on Wednesday 13 March and commemorates it's 40th anniversary. This occasion is a time for us to unite and offer encouragement and support to those on their quitting journeys.

Celebrating excellence with our Preceptorship team

The Preceptorship team at Croydon University Hospital is beaming with pride this week as they celebrate their latest achievement of receiving the standard National and Capital Nurse Quality Mark. This remarkable milestone has not only shown their unwavering commitment to excellence, but has also ignited their determination to reach even greater heights.

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