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More staff would recommend Croydon Health Services a place to work, in the latest NHS survey

More staff would now recommend Croydon Health Services as a place to work, in the latest survey of healthcare workers across the NHS.

In a survey of more than 1,800 staff – nearly double the number of respondents from the previous year – Croydon Health Services has shown some substantial improvements with staff they are feeling less stressed, more valued and more supported in their jobs to give the quality of care they aspire to.

Almost three out of five employees would now recommend Croydon Health Services as a place to work – a big improvement from the previous year – and there was a 5% increase in the number of staff who said patient care was the Trust’s top priority.    

In line with the Trust’s overarching vision to deliver excellent care for all, 92% of staff, both clinical and non-clinical, believed their role makes a direct difference to patients, above the national average of 90%.

Matthew Kershaw, Trust Chief Executive and Place Based Leader for Health said:

“Over 51 per cent of our staff took part in this year’s NHS Staff Survey. This is a record number for the Trust and helps us develop a clear picture of the work being done for colleagues and for patients.

“I’m delighted to see that most our staff look forward to coming to work every day, feel valued by their line managers and that more and more of our frontline teams feel that they are being involved in important decisions about the Trust.

“Our staff are working incredibly hard in often challenging circumstances, especially during the busy winter months, so it fantastic to see that our support for teams is growing and our staff are noticing the difference.”

The NHS staff survey results also highlighted some areas where further progress is needed, giving the Trust clear direction for further improvements.

“There is still much more for us to do and we must address some of the other issues they are facing,” Matthew continued.

“In the last 12 months, over 13 per cent of our staff reported that they had experienced physical violence from a patient or member of the public. This is wholly unacceptable and something that as a Trust, we must take action on.

“Alongside this, we must ensure that we are providing all of our staff with a fair and inclusive environment. We are making progress on this – this week we were recognised by NHS England as having one of the most diverse boards in the health service, but we need to do more to ensure this is mirrored at every level of the Trust.

“We’re already making positive changes. In the last 12 months, the Trust’s staff equality networks have continued to grow and we have launched a reverse mentoring scheme, encouraging senior leaders to pair up with BAME staff working in a variety of roles, to understand some of the issues that we must tackle.

“Ultimately, by working together we can continue to make Croydon Health Services an even better place to work and to be cared for.”

The full results from the 2019 NHS Staff Survey can be found here.


  • Our staff feel valued: 72% felt valued by their managers – up 5% from last year and just 1% below the 73% national average;
  • Our staff look forward to coming to work: 62% of staff in the survey said they look forward to coming to work – 3% above the national average
  • We are supporting staff to deliver the best care: Our staff that said objectives were made clear during appraisals jumped 12% compared to 2018 - 5% above the national average; and
  • Getting our staff more involved: 38% of staff said senior managers tried to involve them in important decisions – up 6% on the year before and just above the 35% national average.
  • Reducing work-related stress: There was a three per cent decrease in the number of staff that felt unwell due to work-related stress – better than the national average



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