Junior Doctors in England have voted to hold a three-day strike | Trust news

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Junior Doctors in England have voted to hold a three-day strike

We will prioritise all urgent and emergency care needs. For any non-urgent medical treatment- please contact your GPs or NHS 111. Patients who have scheduled appointments on the day of the strikes, will be contacted if their appointment will need to be rescheduled.  

What’s happening?

It’s important to us to keep our patients safe during this time.

Members of the British Medical Association (BMA) are expected to hold industrial action across all of the country’s NHS hospitals over a consecutive three day period.

The 72-hour walkout will start and end at 7am, running from Monday 13 March to Thursday 16 March.

We are working together with our teams and our trade union representatives from the BMA, and our main priority is to maintain a safe level of care for our patients in Croydon and across the NHS in South West London.

What does that mean if you have a scheduled appointment during the strikes?

  • If we have not contacted you, please attend your appointment as planned. The NHS will contact you if your appointment needs to be rescheduled due to strike action.

Helping those who need urgent treatment

  • If you feel unwell, don’t delay. Regardless of any strike action, it’s really important that patients who need urgent medical care continue to come forward – especially in emergency and life-threatening cases, when someone is seriously ill or injured, or their life is at risk.

For medical help and advice

  • If you need medical help or advice, go to NHS 111 online where trained advisors can help find the right services and even book an appointment if needed.
  • Patients should only call 999 if it is a medical or mental health emergency, when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.
  • For 24/7 access to a range of NHS services all in one place,  download the NHSApp .

More resources:

Help us care for you

If you feel unwell, it's important that you continue to come forward for NHS care. There are plenty of local services available to help you if you need medical advice, but it is not an emergency. 

For more information on all of the care available in Croydon, including 24/7 mental health support, please see our 'know where to go' leaflet or scan this code. We've also included some helpful details below.  Thank you.

scan me


Your local pharmacy is a first port-of-call for minor health concerns. Pharmacists are experts in medicines and can help with lots of illnesses, from skin rashes to earaches and flu. Many pharmacies open late and offer private consultations, no appointment needed.

Your GP

Call your GP practice or visit their website to make an appointment for an illness or injury that won’t go away, or access your GP’s out of hour’s service.

GP hubs (bookable appointments 8am-8pm, every day)

There are three ‘GP Hubs’ in Croydon which treat both minor injuries and minor illnesses requiring same day care – for both children and adults. They are located in Central Croydon, Purley and Parkway (New Addington).

To book an appointment, people should call NHS 111 first to discuss their symptoms. You will be offered a telephone consultation with a GP or practice nurse who can also book you to attend for a face to face appointment where appropriate.

NHS 111

Call NHS 111 free for urgent medical advice, or access the service online at 111.nhs.uk. If NHS 111 advise that you attend the Emergency Department, ask them if they can book you an appointment.

Mental health support (24/7)

If you live in Croydon and you need mental health support in a crisis you can call our 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line on 0800 731 2864 (option 1).

The Mental Health Crisis Line offers emotional support and advice to people who are affected by urgent mental health issues, at any time of the day or night. It is open to children and adults of all ages, and to people who haven’t previously accessed mental health services.

If you are in a mental health crisis or need urgent support you can also search ‘Mind’, ‘Samaritans’ or ‘Good thinking urgent support’

Contact your current healthcare team

If you are already receiving care or treatment from a particular healthcare team, contact them first to see if they can help.

Healthier Together children’s health website

Created by experts, Healthier Together is a new website in south west London which provides pregnant people, parents and carers with trusted information on common childhood illnesses. Search ‘South West London healthier together’

Wellness space at the Whitgift Centre

The Croydon Health and Wellbeing space has been created to offer free mental health support and social care help for people living in Croydon.

Whether it’s financial worries, loneliness, questions about housing or bills, or just a simple need to talk with someone – there is team there to help, including specialist mental health staff.

You can find the service on the 1st floor of the Whitgift Centre, next to Holland and Barrett. Simply walk in to make an appointment or book by calling 020 8680 3635

Simply Connect Croydon

If you need to access community support, visit croydon.simplyconnect.uk

You find local community services, activities and support including a map of warm spaces and community hubs close to home.

Simply Connect Croydon is dedicated to helping Croydon residents navigate local services, managed and delivered by Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA) and Volunteer Centre Croydon.



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