Croydon NHS chief conquers marathon for hospital charity | Trust news

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Croydon NHS chief conquers marathon for hospital charity

The Chief Executive of Croydon Health Services NHS Trust has conquered this year's London Marathon raising over £2,200 for the Trust’s charity.

Matthew Kershaw, whose day job is running health services in the south London borough, joined over 45,000 professional, competitive and fun runners yesterday (Sunday 23 April) to complete the 26.2 miles in just over three hours and forty-six minutes, putting him in the fastest 50% of runners.

He has more than quadrupled his initial £500 sponsorship target and all donations will help to purchase new paediatric transport ventilators for the borough’s critically unwell children and provide continued support to staff to improve their mental and physical wellbeing following the pandemic.

Matthew, a seasoned runner, regularly runs to benefit his physical and mental health. In 2021 he took part in the South Coast Challenge ‘Ultra Marathon and ran 100km on the South Coast from Eastbourne to Arundel. He is also a former Ironman UK competitor. 

Matthew said:

“The 2023 London Marathon was my eighth marathon to date, but each one is tough is its own way. As this was my first in support of Croydon Health Charity I wanted to make sure I made it across the finish line as a thank you everyone that has supported me so far. 

"The Charity is a vital part of the Trust and helps us to do more for patients and staff in Croydon, whether it’s funding bereavement gardens and medical equipment, specialist staff training or staff wellbeing events - each and every donation makes a difference to those that we care for.

"I've enjoyed running for such a great cause and hope to be back on the London Marathon start line in 2024!”

Laura Kennedy, Head of Fundraising, Croydon Health Charity, said:

“Fundraisers like Matthew really help the charity to keep funding vital staff and patient projects which are so important to enhance the experience of our Trust for as many people as possible. We’re grateful to Matthew and donors for their generous support of our charity”

Donations can still be made to Matthew’s Just Giving page





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