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Celebrating excellence with our Preceptorship team

The Preceptorship team at Croydon University Hospital is beaming with pride this week as they celebrate their latest achievement of receiving the standard National and Capital Nurse Quality Mark.

This remarkable milestone has not only shown their unwavering commitment to excellence, but has also ignited their determination to reach even greater heights.

Achieving the National and Capital Nurse Quality Mark is a testament to the team’s fantastic efforts in providing exceptional care and encouraging professional development. Their dedication to their roles has not gone unnoticed, and this recognition has only revved the team's engines for further success.

The Preceptorship team has now set their sights on achieving the Gold Standard within the National Preceptorship Framework. Their journey towards achieving this involves a strategic focus on getting a Preceptorship Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) who will ensure the perceptorship programs are seamlessly integrated into our hospital's framework, and Preceptorship Champions who are strong advocates and act as exemplary role models for our perceptees.

Congratulations again to the entire Perceptorship team. 

The Preceptorship team smile with hands in the air. There are 15 people in the picture all wearing clothes of varying colours.


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