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Awards for our fantastic nurses

16 May 2017

Huge congratulations to three of our fantastic nursing colleagues - Sashane Dean, Belphoebe Lundy and Ophelia Clemente.

On 12 May, they each received awards from former Chief Nursing Officer of England Dame Christine Beasley at our annual International Nurses’ Day event. Dame Christine is renowned as “the nurses’ nurse” who was “the matron in Whitehall’ and it is great to have her backing.

Sashane is ‘Healthcare Assistant Of The Year’ for her innovative approaches to helping reduce falls on Wandle1 ward, including asking patients which side of the bed they get in and out of it. She developed evidence and presented to Trusts from across the country, whose directors of nursing came back to us asking for more insights.

Belphoebe is ‘Midwife of the Year’ for her commitment to improving the experience for women who unfortunately lose their babies, whether early in pregnancy or as a late loss. Belphoebe always gives dignified, individualised care and has used up-to-date leaflets to help patients be informed while having time to reflect – as well as ‘memory boxes’ to hep mothers keep something for the future.

Ophelia is ‘Nurse of the Year’ for always putting her patients’ interests first and demonstrating her caring, patient manner - in particular when spending time interacting with patients who have learning disabilities. Colleagues say her constant ‘can do’ approach is an inspiration to everyone. Ward manager Lizzy Mugauri collected the award on behalf of Ophelia.

Director of Nursing, Midwifery & AHPs, Michael Fanning, also launched the new Croydon Health Services NHS Trust Nursing and Midwifery Plan 2016-19 at the event.

The winners spoke after the event:

​​​​​​Sashane said: “It’s always a pleasure working here, giving my time and appreciating my colleagues and patients. Thank you for the award. It was totally unexpected.”

​​​​Belphoebe said: “It is exactly one year ago that I interviewed for this specialist role in helping mothers who experience loss. Winning the award hasn’t sunk in. I love my job and am glad I can help people.”

Ophelia said: “This was a pleasant surprise and unexpected recognition. Thank you Croydon University Hospital, where I feel I truly belong and am valued.”

Michael Fanning said after the awards:

"I’m very pleased we can give these awards to such great colleagues. All three of them show a diligence about safety and standards while having a warm, personal and tailored approach that is really important to patients.

“Our Trust has a proud history of recruiting from around the world and all of us do our utmost to serve Croydon’s community.”

Dame Christine added:

“I am very pleased to be at Croydon on International Nurses Day and to celebrate excellence in nursing. You get a strong sense of community in Croydon and its nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants are an important part of that family - as well as being critical to providing the very best care for patients.

“When Sir Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile in 1954 even scientists said it was impossible - but afterwards a dozen others had gained the confidence to follow in his footsteps. Inspiration is an important part of our lives and it’s vital to celebrate the excellence of colleagues.”

Above: We caught up with Ophelia afterwards, with her team.


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