Latoya shares her story of how she won her 2023 Star of the Year award

Meet Latoya, our 2023 Star of the Year award winner

In a moment of crisis, Latoya, an Occupational Therapist Technician working out in the community, displayed extraordinary courage and quick thinking, leading to her recognition as the Croydon Stars' Star of the Year. Her story is a testament to the exceptional dedication of our staff at the Trust.

During a routine visit to a patient's home, Latoya found herself in an unexpected situation when the patient suddenly stopped breathing. Without hesitation, she performed life-saving resuscitation while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Thanks to her prompt action and recent resucitation training, the patient's life was saved.

Latoya's bravery and skilled response earned her the public's vote for the prestigious Star of the Year award. Her inspiring story is a shining example of the high quality care provided by our teams every day. She is thankful her quick-thinking managed to save someone's life, and uses this opportunity to stress the importance of staying up to date with your training. 

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Watch the full video to hear from Latoya below or click  here.