Find out more about the School Aged Immunisation Team

Who we are

The School Immunisation Team is made up of specially trained nurses and administrative support workers.

What we do

We offer the Routine Childhood Vaccinations to school aged children in school and community and clinic settings:

Where the service is delivered:

  • School setting
  • Clinics setting
  • Outside of school settings i.e Home

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Teenager School Booster

The 3-in-1 Td/IPV vaccine, is given by a single injection into the upper arm to boost protection against 3 separate diseases: tetanus, diphtheria and polio. The MenACWY vaccine is given by a single injection into the upper arm and protects against 4 strains of the meningococcal bacteria – A, C, W and Y – which cause meningitis and blood poisoning (septicaemia).

Nasal Flu

This annual vaccination programme is in place to help protect your child against the flu. Vaccinating healthy children also helps to protect those more vulnerable by reducing the spread and transmission of flu.  The vaccine forms part of the routine immunisation schedule for all children from Reception to school Year 6. It is given via a quick and simple spray up the nose. There is an injectable flu vaccine that does not contain porcine gelatine - this is offered at our community clinics. Please see link regarding vaccines containing porcine gelatine

Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

The MMR vaccine is a safe and effective combined vaccine. It protects against 3 serious illnesses: Measles, Mumps and Rubella. These highly infectious conditions can easily spread between unvaccinated people and can lead to serious problems including mengitis, hearing loss and problems during pregnancy. 2 doses are required so if your child has missed a dose we will offer it alongside their other school aged vaccinations. The vaccine used does not contain porcine gelatine.

Consent Process

You will receive a consent form from your child's school to complete and return to school.

Contact us

Please call the team to book an appointment 0208 274 6453 if your child has missed their vaccinations.