Croydon Stars 2022 Winners

Here are a list of all the winners of our Croydon Stars Awards 2022:

Rising Star:

Krishna Parmar

Volunteer of the Year:

Alison Lee

Charity Champion (Highly Commended):

Sally O'Connell

Charity Champion:

Andy Dovey

Croydon Cares (Highly Commended):

Efua Hagan

Croydon Cares:

Sarah Muir-Timmins

Star Behind the Scenes:

Karen Drew

Lifetime Achievement (Highly Commended):

Sue Pringle

Lifetime Achievement:

Ann-Marie Baker

Innovation, Improvement and Sustainability:

Ritu Karlekar

Partnership Working Award:

SWL Vaccine Team

Leading by example (Highly Commended):

Timothy Kuhn

Leading by example:

Nicole Thompson

Inclusivity Champion (Highly Commended):

Christina Marchant Brown

Inclusivity Champion:

The Trust's Race Equality Network

Team of the Year (Highly Commended):

Croydon Respiratory Team

Team of the Year:

Phlebotomy Team

Star of the Year (Highly Commended):

Esther Onyeanuna

Star of the Year:

Sonal Patel

COVID-19 Unsung Hero (Highly Recommended):

Louise Coughlan

COVID-19 Unsung Hero:

Stella Okorie

COVID-19 Individual Award (Highly Commended):

Emma Stevenson

COVID-19 Individual Award:

Dr Reza Motazed

COVID-19 Team Award (Highly Commended):

Palliative Care Team

COVID-19 Team Award:

Infection, Prevention & Control Team