Continuity of Care

When you choose to have your baby with us, we’re with you all the way. New mum and baby

If you book your appointments with one of our continuity of care teams, we’ll make sure you’re cared for by the same small team of midwives. From your initial appointment all the way through to the day you give birth, we’ll provide you with comfort and familiarity when you need it most.

We know that when women have continuity of care throughout their pregnancy, particularly those with more complex health needs, they receive safer and more personalised care and build a relationship of mutual trust and respect with their midwives.

This has been proven to lead to better health outcomes for both mum and baby, reducing pre-term births, hospital admissions and the need for intervention during labour, as well as improving the experiences of both pregnancy and birth for women/birthing people.

You can find out more about the benefits of continuity of carer on the NHS website here:

Continuity of Care teams

We feel it is important for you to get an understanding of who will be caring for you throughout your pregnancy so meet our continuity of care teams here.