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Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Address: Shirley House Croydon University Hospital 530 London Road, Croydon, CR7 7YE

Integrated Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

Croydon Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Croydon Cardiac Rehabilitation team ensure our patients have the highest quality of care. The aim of the service is to help you to understand and manage your heart condition, so you can improve the health of your heart as well as your quality of life and general well-being.
The multi-professional team includes specialist nurses, physiotherapists, practitioners and exercise assistants, with access to psychologists and other specialist services.

If you have been admitted to Croydon University Hospital following a heart attack (Myocardial infarction/MI) or have required angioplasty and stenting (percutaneous coronary intervention/PCI) for heart disease you will be seen by a Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse prior to discharge.
If you have had your treatment, including cardiac surgery, at another hospital you will be referred to us after discharge.

Information after discharge from Croydon University Hospital

If you are discharged from Croydon University Hospital you should find our contact details in the front of the information booklets we have provided. If you are unsure who to contact please call the office at Croydon University Hospital on 020 8401 3957. The office is open between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  

If you have been discharged following a day case angioplasty and need some advice the night after your procedure, you should call the Coronary Care Unit on 020 8401 3264.

If you have any concerns about your groin or wrist wound following angiogram or angioplasty then call the Cardiac Catheter Suite on 020 8401 3000 ext 4549.


The Croydon Cardiac Rehabilitation team offer a full rehabilitation service for local patients, including clinic appointments, psychological support, help with changing their lifestyle and a cardiac health programme of exercise, education and relaxation. 

Soon after you have returned home we will contact you to ensure you are making a good recovery. You will be offered an appointment to be seen by a Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse and a Cardiac Rehabilitation Physiotherapist and we will send you details of this appointment.

Our aim is to help you review your previous lifestyle and help you make all the appropriate changes to ensure you stay fit and well for as long as possible. 

You will be offered individualised information on the nature of coronary heart disease and your particular diagnosis, returning to normal activities, diet, risk factors, medication and long-term management of your condition. 

To assist with this we offer classes that have exercise, education and relaxation components. 

Once you have been enrolled into classes please call us on 020 8401 3957 if you have any concerns or queries.

Following completion of the programme you are encouraged to continue exercising in the Croydon area at venues staffed by specifically trained exercise professionals.

Your Cardiologist will be informed if you are having any on-going problems post discharge.

If you have been discharged from the service and have any concerns that we can help you with then please do not hesitate to let know. 

The following are also offered:

  • Case management for those requiring longer recovery
  • Referral to cardiologist for advice, if necessary
  • Community or hospital-based nurse-led clinic
  • Physiotherapy assessment
  • An individualised programme that offers options for exercise, education and relaxation
  • Information on the nature of coronary heart disease, returning to normal activities, diet, risk factors, medication and long-term management
  • Support for families and carers
  • Referral to other services as required, or for help stopping smoking you can self -refer to:

Croydon Smoking Cessation Services can be contacted on 020 8401 3083, or via email to CH-tr.justlivewell@nhs.net.

Croydon Cardiac Rehabilitation Contact Information

Croydon Cardiac Rehabilitation
Shirley House
Croydon University Hospital
530 London Road
CR7 7YE 
Email: mhn-tr.croydoncardrehab@nhs.net
Tel: Enquiries 020 8401 3957
Tel: Advice following day case angioplasty 020 8401 3264 
For any other cardiology enquiries, such as appointments for investigations, please contact the Cardiology and Respiratory Points Of Delivery (POD) team on 020 8401 3974, and press option 1.

Meet the Team

Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurses Specialists

  • Angela White
  • Andrea Whiston
  • Anna Tovey 

Cardiac Rehabilitation Physiotherapists/Practitioner Specialists

  • Patryk Durnas
  • Nikki Dent
  • Rotational Junior Physiotherapist

Exercise Assistants

  • Deborah Djuma
  • Ernesto Williams

Admin Support

  • Yasmin Tengnah

The Croydon Cardiac Support Group

The Croydon Cardiac Support Group is for patients and carers. It is run by ex-heart patients who know just how you may be feeling at this time. They visit the Cardiac Zone once a week and hold meetings in the Post Graduate Medical Centre in Croydon University Hospital every second Wednesday of the month from March to December, from 7.15-9.00pm.
Tel: 07950 410 768
Cardiac Support Group website: www.heartsupportgroup.co.uk
Email: croydoncardiacsupportgroup@live.com



Meet the Team

Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Specialists:

Angela White

Andrea Whiston

Anna Tovey

Cardiac Rehabilitation Physiotherapists:

Patryk Durnas, Rotational Junior Physiotherapist

Esteban Suarez, Exercise Instructor