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Urology services

The Urology department offers clinics at Purley and Croydon Hospitals, in association with integrated care pathways with Croydon GPs.

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Service overview

Urology treats conditions of the urinary tract including prostate symptoms (problems passing urine) and prostate cancer.  We offer one stop clinics for blood in the urine and urinary tract symptoms and clinics for erection problems. 

Urology offers access to robotic minimally invasive surgery and keyhole stone surgery at St Georges Hospital and Oncology expertise at the Royal Marsden with clinics run locally at Croydon Hospital.  The department offers MRI fusion prostate biopsy as part of a comprehensive MRI based prostate diagnostic service.

The urology department has been reinvigorated in recent times and is now working very closely with primary care and the patients and GPs of Croydon. 

We are now delivering some of the best cancer target outcomes in London for urology patients.


We treat

Urology refers to the medical treatment of the urinary system and male reproductive organs. We  treat aspects of care for conditions of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and genitalia.

One-stop urology clinics investigate common symptoms, such as:

  • pain or discomfort passing urine
  • a strong urge to but inability to pass urine
  • passing blood in urine
  • erectile dysfunction

Urology symptoms can indicate a problem in the kidneys, bladder, ureter, urethra, prostate, penis or testes.

The urology team aims to deliver comprehensive, patient centered care as well as high quality and pioneering treatment in partnership with St George’s Hospital Healthcare NHS Trust and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.  


How to refer

Routine referrals:

Appointments for this service are made via the national e-Referral Service. Please see the e-referral page for more information

Other ways to refer:


Postal Referrals: Department of Urology, 2nd Floor Wood Croft Wing, Croydon University Hospital, 530 London Road, Croydon CR7

Urgent suspected cancer (USC)

Referrals should be emailed to

All tumour site specific referral forms can be found using the link:


Contact information

If a patient shows possible signs and symptoms of any type of cancer it is important that GPs make an urgent referral directly to the Cancer Office. Patients will be seen within two weeks of the referral being received by the Cancer Office.

Tel: 0208 401 3986

General Enquires:

020 8401 3980

or email


Consultants and specialists

Mr Mark Lynch Consultant Urological Surgeon (clinical Lead)

Mr Babbin John Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Gian Ollandini Locum Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Aditya Pareek Associate Specialist in Urology

Mr Nasr Arsanious Associate Specialist in Urology

Mr Krish Ramasubbu Associate Specialist in Urology

Mr Roger Wheelwright Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Cancer Nurse in Urology


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