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Upper GI surgery

Our Upper gastrointestinal (GI) unit provides surgical services for conditions of the oesophagus, stomach, pancreas and gallbladder. This also includes emergency surgical management of gallstones, laparoscopic and open insertion of feeding tubes. 

Find out more information about the service including how to refer below.

Service overview

We perform elective and emergency cholecystectomy for complications of gallstones.  Our department also deals with both open and laparoscopic groin hernia surgery as well as laparoscopic and open incisional and abdominal wall herniae.  We also perform laparoscopic surgical correction of acid reflux, hiatus hernia and achalasia of the oesophagus.  We evaluate emergency patients presenting with gallstones, pancreatitis and general surgery presentations.  

There is an active multidisciplinary team which assesses and manages patients with Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer in conjunction with our gastrointestinal colleagues and The Royal Marsden Hospital.  We also perform open and laparoscopic splenectomy for haematological conditions.

There are currently three consultants providing upper gastrointestinal surgery.  

We operate on Monday PM, Tuesday AM, Wednesday ALL day, Thursday ALL day, Friday AM

Clinics are held:

  • Monday AM
  • Tuesday PM
  • Wednesday AM and PM

We treat:

  • Gallstones
  • acid reflux
  • groin hernia
  • abdominal wall and incisional hernia
  • lumps and bumps
  • achalasia
  • hiatus hernia
  • pancreatitis
  • splenectomy 


Referral criteria

We will see any patients with Upper gastrointestinal problems as well those with general surgical problems. 

We are particularly interested in performing laparoscopic surgery in the trust. 

How to refer

Please refer via e-Referrals (GI and Liver - Medicine and Surgery)

Email - 

Tel - 020 8401 3979

Contact information

Mr Rhys Thomas

Email -

Tel - 020 8401 3326 (Secretary - Avril Rogers)


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