Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapists are specialists who provide a service to individuals who experience communication and swallowing difficulties.

Find out more about the service including information on how to refer.

Service overview

The aim of the S&LT service is to promote the psychological, social and physical well-being of those patients requiring Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), by enabling them to reach their maximum potential for communication, swallow functions, health and independence.

We treat

Adults with a Croydon GP and/or who are resident in Croydon referred to us with acquired communication and/or swallowing problems.

The exclusion criteria are hearing impairment.

The service will treat patients individually or in groups as appropriate. This includes training and supporting volunteers.  Ongoing Therapy is provided in “blocks” to address specific goals. Patients can be re-referred to the Service, if required. Patients with progressive disorders will have regular reviews and/or monitoring to enable SLT related issues to be addressed as they occur.

To assess for Alternative and Augmentative Communication Aids (AAC), deal with the ensuing needs for obtaining the funding for the Aid and then ongoing monitoring and support for the patient and carers, as required.

Referral criteria

Patients 18 yrs or over

How to refer




Outpatient 020 8401 3103 at CUH, Woodcroft Wing

Domiciliary 020 8274 6883/4  at Broad Green Centre, 1-13 Lodge Road, Croydon  CR0 2PD

- Paper referral from GP/other/self-referral

- If referral is for swallow assessment, must have medical (i.e.GP) sanction

Contact information

Roxanne Ali and Christina Bond -  Adult SLT Service Administrators

Mary O’Hara – Professional Lead Adult SLT

Senior Speech and Language Therapists

Caroline Jeffries-Shaw

Patricia Winning

Francesca Sheldon

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