Main telephone number:
020 8401 3000

Pathology information for health professionals

Labelling of Samples  

All samples must carry sufficient information for positive identification.

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • One other identifier (date of birth or Patient ID (M000) number – NB: For blood transfusion samples both must be supplied)
  • Signature
  • Date and time of specimen

 Exceptions/Special Cases

Gum Clinic

Identification via initials and GUM number (NB: Full patient identification required for blood transfusion requests).


Unknown A&E cases must state unknown male/female and the Patient ID number (M000 number). Samples without a Patient ID number will not be processed.
Specimens which do not meet these criteria may not be processed.

 Quality Assurance

Quality assurance programmes are in operation to ensure satisfactory accuracy and precision of all tests.


Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology enquiries

Please phone Central Specimen Reception: 020 8401 3025

Blood transfusion enquiries

020 8401 3466

Microbiology enquiries 

020 8401 3421 / 3300 

Cellular Pathohology

For histological, gynae and non-gynae cytological enquiries:  

020 8401 3891/92/93 or 020 8401 3484.  

Immunology Enquiries

For autoantibody serology results phone St Helier hospital Immunology department on 020 8644 4343 ext 2217 or 2142.


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