Nancy Fraser

Health Visitor

Inspired by the care her premature daughter received in hospital Nancy decided to become a community nurse in Croydon. 

Through dedication and a passion to care, she is now a clinical service lead in the Health Visiting service, helping to keep other people’s children fit and well. 

“When my daughter was born she spent six months in hospital and she’s here today because of the skill and compassion of doctors and nurses. This inspired me to change career and join their ranks, so I could make the same difference to other families. As a service lead in Health Visiting I’m rewarded every day by the dedication of the team and the difference we make to local people.”
Nancy is a Croydon Nurse

Newly qualified nurses and Band 5

Croydon Health Services is a great place to start your career as a nurse. As a district general hospital we offer the opportunity to get solid experience in an environment that supports your development as a nurse, with a wide range of clinical areas to get involved in.

Band five nurses will enjoy the challenge of working in Croydon and the ‘big family’ atmosphere that the Trust has. They will also have access to our ‘Discover’ programme – a unique rotation opportunity which will help to pump-prime their nursing career.

The ‘Discover’ (Rotation) programme

Croydon nurses are inquisitive, keen to have new experiences and explore all of the options available to them. There are many different opportunities in nursing, and sometimes it’s difficult to know which particular area is going to be the most appealing in the future.
At Croydon Health Services we offer band five nurses the opportunity to enrich their nursing career through our unique ‘Discover’ programme – a rotation scheme which gives Croydon nurses the opportunity to experience lots of different disciplines and gain invaluable experience for the future before deciding which route to take.

In their first 12 months at the Trust, ‘Discover’ nurses can choose three different placement opportunities, each lasting four months, to gain hands on experience in that area. In addition to this, nurses receive additional training and development which counts towards their nursing portfolio. As an integrated Trust placement opportunities can be in hospital or community services or a combination of both.

You’ll also be part of an energetic team of other ‘Discover’ nurses who get together to share ideas, learn from each other (and have fun).

Taking part in the programme will give you opportunities to learn that few other NHS Trusts can offer and help you to discover the right nursing route for you. Places on the ‘Discover’ programme are limited. If you’d like to take part, please mention the programme in your application and discuss it at your interview.


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