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The service comprises a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers that provide a specialist service to stroke and TIA patients.

In the National Sentinel Stroke Audit the Trust is always highly rated and the Stroke Unit Annual Assessment 2012/13 carried out by the South London Cardaic and Stroke Network gave the Stroke Unit at Croydon University Hospital an 80.9% rating for providing occupational therapy assessment to its patients within 7 days of admission. It is also commended for patients having access to social worker on site which helps with discharges for those with social care needs.

See the news story for more details.

The services provided are:

Stroke Unit

Heathfield 1 Ward, Croydon University Hospital

This is a 26-bed combined acute and rehabilitation unit. The stroke ward has a purpose built garden for patients and a gym. Other stroke specialist areas include a neuro-gym, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy departments. There is access to state-of-the-art neuro-imaging with MRI, CT and ultrasound.

Open access TIA clinic

Heathfield 1 ward, Croydon University Hospital

This is the first one of its kind in South West London. It is a ‘walk in’, ‘one stop’ service Monday to Friday for urgent assessment and treatment of suspected TIA. GPs are asked to send patients to the clinic same day and use the referral form provided (for more information on referal see document entitled ‘TIA, GP responsibilities’)

The ‘Post Stroke’ Clinic

Howell assessment unit, Croydon University Hospital

This clinic sees all patients discharged from the hospital to review their treatment and needs after stroke. 

There are also routine follow-up clinics in the hospital’s Outpatients. 

For inquiries on any of the stroke clinics please contact 020 8401 3973 or email 

Croydon Stroke Rehabilitation Team

This provides assessment and treatment to stroke patients recently discharged from hospital with stroke. They can be contacted through the Community Stroke Co-ordinator.

Stroke co-ordinator

This role works in all settings including Croydon University Hospital, community teams and with patients and families at home, aiming to facilitate effective communication.

The stroke co-ordinator, Jane Dundas, is responsible for identifying ways in which stroke services in Croydon can be improved, promoting continuous development in clinical practice and delivery of patient care, encouraging innovation and appropriate changes in service delivery, learning from the experiences of service users and acting on their feedback.

Croydon Stroke Rehabilitation Team (CSRT)

The Croydon Stroke Rehabilitation Team offers specialist rehabilitation services in the community for people who have had an acute stroke and are awaiting discharge from hospital. We accept referrals from consultants and allied health professionals from the acute sector.

We aim to deliver a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for a maximum period of 6 weeks.  Therapists within the Croydon Stroke Rehabilitation Team provide an inter-disciplinary and holistic approach, working closely with patients and families to define and agree specific and meaningful goals.

The team provides rehabilitation at either the persons’ home or in the local community dependent on the patient’s needs. Our co-ordinated inter-disciplinary therapy team offers the following services:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Assistants

An episode of rehabilitation with the team ends when specific goals are achieved or when 6 weeks of rehabilitation has been provided. Ongoing rehabilitation may be discussed towards the end of  therapy as Croydon offers further neurological rehabilitation services if indicated. 

For enquiries please contact 020 8401 3717.

The Stroke Association

The Stroke Association provides practical support to people who have had strokes, their families and carers. Support offered includes a telephone helpline, publications, welfare grants, and support groups.

Clinics and Wards

  • Stroke Unit - Heathfield 1 Ward, Croydon University Hospital 
  • Open Access TIA Clinic, Heathfield 1 Ward
  • Stroke/TIA follow up clinics - Old Eye Clinic Outpatient Department, Croydon University hospital
  • Post Stroke Clinic, Howell Assessment Unit, Croydon university hospital
  • Community Stroke Team/ Neuro-rehabilitation team - Broad Green Centre, Broad Green Centre, 1-13 Lodge Road, CR0 2PD

Contact Us

Stroke Consultants and Associate Specialist

Croydon University Hospital
530 london Road
Croydon CR77YE
020 8401 3973

Community Stroke Coordinator

Jane Dundas
Broad Green Centre
1-13 Lodge Road, CR0 2PD
Tel: 020 8274 6899

Stroke Association Support Workers

Stroke Association Communication Support Co-ordinator - Clare Perry

Stroke Association Family and Carer Support Co-ordinator - Sue Holman

Waterside Centre
26 Avenue Road
SE25 4DX
Tel/Fax: 020 8653 2069

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