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General Physiotherapy DSC51

Physiotherapists are involved at all stages of the patient care pathway — assessing, diagnosing, treating, discharging, rehabilitating and managing long-term conditions. Physiotherapists help promote and maintain general health, prevent disease, enable people to remain mobile and return to work.

The staff

The physiotherapy team at Croydon Health Services is made up of 70 staff who provide services to patients of all ages across wards of the hospital and in the Outpatient departments based at both Croydon University Hospital and Purley Hospital (temporarily closed for refurbishment until July 2013)

In addition, there are around 40 physiotherapy staff based in the community, who provide out-patient care for musculoskeletal conditions in seven clinics across Croydon.

Our service

General Physiotherapy2 DSC7

The Physiotherapy Service is headed by Physiotherapy Services Manager, supported by three Superintendents for the Acute, Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal Outpatient Services.

Physiotherapists work closely with all members of the healthcare team e.g. ward nurses, occupational therapists, discharge co-ordinators and podiatrists. In addition, therapy colleagues in intermediate care and colleagues in social care (such as care managers) also provide compressive support.


What should I bring to my appointment?

Comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Arrive at least five minutes before your appointment time. Also allow time for parking in the car parks at both sites.

What can I expect in the appointment?

A comprehensive assessment of your needs 

  • A treatment plan agreed with you — this may include the provision of equipment, a personalised exercise programme and advice for self-help
  • Goals to achieve, set by yourself in conjunction with your physiotherapist 
  • Help to ensure your safety when discharged from hospital


Acute Services Croydon University Hospital

Treatment for patients while they are in hospital.

0208 401 3000 Ext 4259 

Medicine & Surgery

Our team provides rehabilitation and a respiratory physiotherapy service to patients in the hospital’s  

  • Acute Medical Unit (AMU) - opening December 2012
  • Short Stay Unit (SSU)
  • Intensive Care Unit (ITU) 
  • High Dependancy Unit 
  • All medical, surgical wards

An emergency overnight and weekend respiratory service is provided for respiratory patients who are classed as high risk. The emergency service can be contacted on 020 8401 3000. 


We are responsible for the assessment and management of patients with circulatory disease at Croydon University Hospital. The team provides specialist rehabilitation of people who have had lower limb amputations. The team works closely with the disablement services centre at Crystal Palace to carry out pre and post-amputation assessment and on site casting and fitting of prosthestic limbs. They also provide treatment and preventative therapy for intermittent claudication via an exercise programme.  


We provide a service working with patients after trauma or elective surgery. The team progress patients along the pathway in preparation for discharge -- home or on to further rehabilitation in an intermediate care setting.  


The Paediatric team covers the Special Care Baby Unit, The Dolphin Paediatric Day Care Ward, Paediatric Ward, Outpatients, Hydro and Orthopaedic Clinics. There is close liaison with the Community Paediatric Physiotherapists. 

Other areas 

Physiotherapists also work in specialist Outpatient teams, e.g. Cardiac rehabilitation for those with heart conditions and Pulmonary rehabilitation for those with breathing difficulties. Facilities include specific gyms for delivery of cardiac rehabilitation and also the well-equipped Coastal Rehabilitation Unit used for outpatient services for amputees, intermittent claudication, pulmonary rehabilitation and patients with bronchiectasis and hyperventilation syndrome. 

Rehabilitation Services 

These services cover Inpatient Elder Rehabilitation and Out patient Elder Rehabilitation (based in the Howell Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit), In patient Neuro Rehabilitation, and Out patient Neuro Rehabilitation. 

020 8401 3000 (extn 4264) 

Elder Rehabilitation

The inpatient physiotherapy team form part of a well-established multi-disciplinary team and treat a diversity of conditions. They cover those patients on the Elderly Care wards and patients who are under an Elderly Care Consultant on other wards. The well-equipped Coastal Rehabilitation gym enables the team to treat Inpatients away from the ward setting, where appropriate. 

The Howell Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit (HARU) is an Outpatient multidisciplinary rehabilitation unit, specialising in the management of conditions, which mostly affect older people. The common conditions are stroke, falls and Parkinson’s disease. HARU also runs balance exercise groups for Outpatients.  


There are two inpatient Neurology teams who see all adult neurological patients throughout the hospital, except those on the Elderly Care wards. 

One team is based on Heathfield 1, the Stroke Unit. This is a 26-bedded Unit where intensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation takes place. The other team manage Inpatients with other neurological conditions, across the hospital. 

The outpatient Neurology Service provides physiotherapy for patients with a wide range of Neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Motor Neurone Disease, Guillain Barre and post Stroke complications. 

Both teams have clinical expertise in using adjuncts such as Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), splinting and our Biodex Gait Training Aid. 

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