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Medical and Surgical Paediatrics

Mother with sick child in children's AandE

The Paediatric department aims to look after all the needs of sick children. 

We hold clinics at Croydon University hospital, and Parkway Health Centre in New Addington. 

We have visiting specialists that come to Croydon University Hospital to help provide the service to our local community. 

These specialists cover:

  • Heart conditions 
  • Neurology
  • Endocrinology
  • Growth disorders
  • Surgery
  • Genetics

We have in-house specialists who have links with surrounding hospitals, such as Royal Marsden, St George’s and Kings.

Croydon Health Services staff have interests in diabetes, adolescent medicine, nephrology, infectious diseases, cardiology, child development, sickle cell disease, haemoglobinopathies, neurology, oncology ( cancer) and breathing disorders. We also have links to gastroenterologists locally as well as at Great Ormond Street hospital, St George’s and St Helier’s hospital. For allergy related conditions, we work with St George’s and the Evelina Children's hospital .

We have short waiting list times and are always available to discuss cases and see them urgently if needed. There is a Consultant of the week who is in service and readily available to discuss referrals for Outpatient or Inpatient care, or any issues in paediatric care that is of concern to the primary care physician.



Clinic information

Routine medical Paediatric OPD clinics

  • The Willows OPD, Woodcroft wing, Croydon University hospital: 0208 401 3982 for details of appointment and clinic times
  • Parkway, New Addington on Tuesday morning on a monthly basis: 0208 401 3982 for details of appointment times

Specialist clinics

  • Orthopaedics – In Willows on Thursday afternoon. Call: 0208 401 3981
  • Visiting Paediatric surgery: In Willows, Monday morning and afternoon. Call: 0208 401 3979 
  • Visiting Paediatric Plastic surgery: In Willows on Tuesday morning on monthly basis. Call: 0208 401 3982 
  • PENTA clinic – In Willows on a monthly basis. Call: 0208 401 3982 
  • Sickle cell – In Willows on Thursday morning on a weekly basis. Call: 0208 401 3982 
  • Cardiology clinic – In Willows on a three monthly basis. Call: 0208 401 3982
  • Endocrine and Growth - In Willows on a three monthly basis. Call: 0208 401 3982 
  • Visiting Genetics - In Willows every three weeks. Call: 0208 401 3982
  • Epilepsy clinic – In Willows on Tuesday & Friday mornings. Call: 0208 401 3982 
  • Visiting Neurology - In Willows on three monthly basis. Call: 0208 401 3982 
  • Dermatology – In Willows Wednesday morning. Call: 0208 401 3977
  • Diabetic - In Willows, Wednesday morning and Monday afternoon 0208 401 3982 
  • Oncology clinics - In Willows on Monday afternoon plus (for urgent suspected cancer) Tuesday mornings. Call: 0208 401 3982  
  • Visiting Paediatric TB - In Chest clinic - Friday morning on a monthly basis. Call: 0208 401 3982 
  • Neonatal Hepatitis B clinic - 3 monthly in Willows. Call: 020 8401 3982
  • Neonatal BCG clinic – in Willows. Call: 020 8401 3982
  • Palivizumab clinic - In Willows. Call: 020 8401 3982
  • Ophthalmology - In Ophthalmology OPD at Croydon University Hospital on a Tuesday. Call: 020 8401 3478


What do I do if I haven’t received my appointment yet?

Please contact your GP to confirm that a referral has been made and to which consultant, at which hospital. Then contact that hospital and ask to be put through to that consultant’s secretary to confirm referral has been received and an appointment time sent out

What do I do if I want to change or cancel an appointment?

Please ring directly on 0208 401 3982 to amend the clinic booking time.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring all the medicines that your child is on, along with the children’s red book for child heath records

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Please allow 30 minutes to find parking spaces etc before the actual clinic time

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