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This page features highlights of some of the positive experiences people have in the maternity unit. If you would like to share a story please email

Faultless antenatal care

‘My care to date has been faultless’; ‘staff are friendly and explain everything’

Friends and Family Test comment, November 2013

Labour ward staff are amazing

Labour ward comments: ‘Amazing staff, so caring. Great midwives, student midwives, doctors, all staff’

Friends and Family Test comment, November 2013

Friendly and welcoming staff in birthing unit

‘Friendly and welcoming staff who put me at ease at all times, and made my birth experience a good one’

Friends and Family Test comment, November 2013

Postnatal ward midwives were supportive

'The midwives were all supportive, and nothing was too much for them to do. We’ll miss everyone.

Friends and Family Test comment, October 2013

Home visit was god-send

‘Home visit was a god-send, plus the opportunity to ask many questions and get exact answers’

Friends and Family Test comment, October 2013

Baby boy Soloman, born on 9.7.13 at 5:49 am

“I would just like to say a huge thank you for my pleasurable experience in the birthing centre. The midwife Lauren was excellent and my whole experience was by far much better than I expected!  I would love if every mother to be has a pleasant experience as I did. I couldn't have asked for anything to be done differently, and if I could change anything I wouldn't! The more people that know about the birth centre the better.

A big thank you to the birthing centre midwives, keep up the good work!”


Birth was perfect

This is a photo of baby Frankie born in your fantastic birthing unit.  Thank you to your fantastic midwives for a perfect labour. Frankie’s birth was perfect.

From Michelle, Frankie and family





A big thank you to all of you

A big thank you to you all

I was an out-of-area patient at Croydon Health Services and although I had heard the not so nice stories, I am glad that I chose this Trust.

The care I received during my antenatal and diabetic weekly visits from Dr Ajay and Dr Savine’s teams was excellent. Both doctors were great at listening and talking things through with me. Special thanks to Dr Savine, Dr Eswari and Dr Gideon who helped me adjust my insulin doses.

My husband and I attended a parenting class in June and we learnt lots although we are not first time parents. The midwife and breastfeeding counsellor who conducted the class was very helpful.

In July, I walked into labour room no.10 feeling anxious and nervous as I was told that I needed to be put on steroids and induced due to unstable blood sugar readings. I left however with a beautiful healthy baby girl, having had a wonderful experience.

The doctors, midwifes and other staff were amazing. A special thanks to midwife Lucy who had lots of kind words when helping me to deliver my baby. The staff who helped me afterwards were also really good.

I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr Ajay and her team, and the midwifes who took care of me day and night for their kindness, sense of humour and calmness, which made the whole experience one I will remember for all the right reasons.

The aftercare was equally amazing. The midwives who looked after me and my baby were lovely and very patient. Although it is obvious that the unit is extremely busy, I always felt that the team was very helpful and patient and always more than willing to answer any questions or concerns I had. 

The amazing staff should be commended. I am totally in awe of the fantastic work they do. I now tell every mother-to-be I meet how great Croydon Health Services Maternity unit is.

Again, a big “thank you” to all of you!

Mrs Harish, October 2012

Thank you for making me feel important

I am a mum to a seven month old who was referred to a paediatrician in late August. My little boy has cow’s milk protein intolerance and is looked after by the paediatric dietetics team at the hospital. Christina, my dietician is marvellous and very supportive.

I have had to ring several departments in the last couple of months like X-ray and Ultrasound and have spoken to secretaries/consultants etc. to chase up appointments. I get the same monotonous answer every time with no real care or understanding of why a mum would be ringing five times a day. But, today a lady called Janette in Willows Outpatients appointments showed me that there is still kindness in this world and she proved what the NHS should be all about.

She went beyond her role and spoke to the consultant twice for me and called me twice to get me an appointment sooner. She shared some positive words of support with me that I don't even get from my GPs. Why can't everyone be like Janette? Thank you so much.

Mrs Pillai, September 2012

Thank you for excellent maternity care

I have just discovered this section on your website and would like to comment on how fantastic Croydon Health Services was when I gave birth to twins 14 months ago. The care during my pregnancy was excellent and the team that looked after us on the day and performed my c-section were brilliant.  Our twins spent 17 days in SCBU (Special Care Baby unit) and the staff care they gave to our twins (and me too!) was excellent.  Although it is almost 14 months later, I thought it would be nice to pass our comments on to you. Keep up the good work!

Michelle Galvin, June 2012

Exceptional maternity care, thank you

I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the exceptional care I have received through the services of Croydon University Hospital.

On the 10th of February this year I became the proud mother of my first child, Lily. As a diabetic mum, I required closer monitoring during my pregnancy, and a longer admission around the time of Lily's birth.

Initially this involved fortnightly appointments at the diabetic antenatal clinic. The service, including Consultant, Dr Savine and his team, Specialist Nurse, Thembie and Dietician, Gay, closely monitored my condition and diabetic control, offering advice, guidance and reassurance throughout.

As my pregnancy progressed I was assessed by Obstetrician, Dr Ajay, who explained the options for birth and potential complications, as well as actions that would be taken should these complications occur. Being informed of the processes relieved my concerns and helped me to prepare for the experience.

I was admitted to the maternity ward at 37 weeks pregnant, on the 6th of February, to receive a steroid injection, encouraging the development of my unborn baby's lungs. In the five days that I was on the maternity ward I was cared for by a number of the midwives and I would like to give a special mention to Louise, Evelyn (day shift), Femmie, Emily and Evelyn (night shift).

Dr Farrah Lone had the eventual responsibility of bringing Lily into the world, as I needed an assisted delivery, along with 'night shift' Evelyn. At this stage in the proceedings, I was in no state to appreciate their expertise, but my husband commented on their calm demeanour and professionalism throughout.

To assist Lily in stabilising her blood sugar levels, she was moved immediately to the Special Care Baby Unit, where she was cared for with great kindness and diligence by Dr John Chang, his team and all of the nursing staff. They were always on hand to provide information and answer questions and ensured that appropriate follow up was arranged.

I have felt supported, informed, respected and very well cared for throughout this process.

I have worked for the NHS for 17 years, but this was my first real experience of being in receipt of NHS care. It was an extremely positive one and only served to strengthen my belief in the NHS.

April 2012

Patient storyA happy birth day

My wife gave birth to our baby boy (Charlie) on the 14th of March 2012 by caesarean section, much to my worry of her having to have such an operation and also that it would be done at Croydon University after hearing a vast amount of negativity surrounding the hospital with regards to giving birth and after care.

On the day of the birth we were treated wonderfully, being told what was happening, why and when and getting the opportunity to meet the person performing the operation beforehand.

The doctors all introduced themselves and made her feel at ease with their relaxed and happy attitudes, which is absolutely above and beyond what I would expect from any hospital, let alone one that we had been made to think was so poor in standards.

The aftercare was superb especially on the first night when my wife still couldn't move to feed and change the baby.

Other notes to point are the food (which is better than that in some hotels!) and the cleanliness of the whole hospital being almost spotless considering its outside aging decor.

We both look forward to seeing you all again when we have our next child!

Ivana and Richard Hawkins

Jodie and Fredie Thornton

Experience was fantastic

Baby Freddie Thornton was born prematurely at just over 31 weeks, on March 4 at Croydon University Hospital. His mother Jodie was rushed into our Accident and Emergency (A&E) after her waters suddenly broke at home.

Jodie says: “My pregnancy was quite a difficult one and going into labour when I was just over seven months pregnant was very scary.

“My experience here has been fantastic, right from attending my scans through to staying on the maternity wards after I had given birth.

“Freddie needed to spend four weeks in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at the hospital, where I was able to visit him 24 hours a day which was reassuring.

“The team there made my whole experience a lot easier, Miss Hamid, who was my Consultant was fantastic along with her colleagues.  I also would like to say a big thank you to all the SCBU team, with a special thanks to Sandy and Marilyn. I am so grateful for everything.”

Jodie and Freddie Thornton, March 2011

Ante natal service was good and professional

“I just want to say that the service received this morning in the ante-natal clinic for my wife's 12 week scan was very good and professional. The woman doing the scan put my wife at ease answer the questions fully and presented herself in a very professional way.”

Husband of pregnant woman, March 2011


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