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Maternity Services

Come on a tour of our maternity services and find out what is on offer to expectant parents, and the choices we offer when you’re planning to have your baby.


You can watch more videos about the care we offer when you choose to have your baby with us by visiting the maternity videos section.


Having Your Baby booklet

Our new booklet 'Having your baby with Croydon Health Services' also gives an overview of what you can expect when you have your baby with us.  This can be downloaded as a PDF.



Our midwives work in the hospital and in the community to provide an integrated service to women before, during and after labour.

We aim to support women to give birth where they want and how they want, taking into account their cultural and religious background along with their health status.

Mothers have given their views of our maternity services during a recent hospital inspection. This follows a national survey earlier in the year. Find out what they said on our news pages.

Women who register with our Maternity Services can choose to have their baby in any of the following:

  • Labour Ward at Croydon University Hospital
  • Birth Centre  at Croydon University Hospital

  • At home

In most cases antenatal care is shared between our midwives and your GP. This is known as shared care.

You can self refer by completing the antenatal self referral form.

If there are complications in pregnancy, care will be shared between our midwives and obstetricians . This is known as full care.

Our maternity services are rated Level 2 by the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) which means we provide a high standard of safe care.

Where can I give birth?

birthing pool

Home Birth

If you are fit and well before pregnancy starts and your pregnancy progresses normally, you may wish to consider a home birth. You need to be resident in Croydon to book a homebirth with our midwives.

Women who choose to give birth at home often say they feel more in control of their birth, and need less pain relief. You can discuss the options with your midwife who can help you make the right decision for you.

In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, you will be transferred by ambulance to the Labour Ward where you will be given all the technical support you need.

Birth Centre

Telephone: 020 8401 3169

Women with uncomplicated pregnancies who are expecting a straight forward delivery can give birth in the Birth Centre.

The centre provides midwife-led care in individual rooms, complete with bath or birthing pool, beanbags, subtle lighting and a home-like atmosphere.  

A Birth Centre room

Most women will be cared for by one named midwife – who they may have already met during their pregnancy. 

Every effort is made to accommodate cultural and personal preferences of the women and their families.

Women can be secure in the knowledge that, in the unlikely event of anything going wrong, they can be transferred to the nearby labour ward staffed by midwives, obstetricians, anaesthetists and paediatricians, and equipped with a full range of specialist facilities.

Labour Ward

Telephone: 020 8401 3179

We aim to make labour and birth as private and special as possible, wherever you choose to give birth. The labour ward caters for women who need additional support during birth.

The eleven labour rooms, have ensuite facilities, bright, fresh décor, with dimmable lighting, individual temperature control and comfort cooling, to allow all women to experience as normal labour and birth as possible i
n a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Each room has a computer so that midwives can update information immediately whilst providing patient confidentiality.

There are facilities for women with disabilities, ensuring that we can cater for all local women’s needs.

Preparation for Birth

We organise preparation for birth workshops for you and your partner.

Early Pregnancy Open Evening

Please attend if possible before your 20th week of pregnancy. They are held on: 

1st Wednesday of every month from 7:30pm. Closes at 9pm. No need to book.

The open evening enables you to obtain information from a wide range of different sources, all under one roof.

There will be representatives from:
The Birth Centre, Health Visitors, Home Birth Team, Breastfeeding Advisor, Nutritionists, Children’s Information Services, Hypno birthing, Homeopaths, Car seat safety, Osteopaths, Butterfly company, Bra fitting, Before and after Baby, Exercise in pregnancy, The National Childbirth Trust, Children’s centres, Real Nappy company, Cranial osteopath, Yoga and Special Baby Care Unit.

Refreshments will be available but please be aware you will be on your feet throughout the evening.

Preparation for Birth

Please attend between 33-37 weeks. These workshops need to be booked when you are about 20 weeks pregnant. The workshops that are located at the hospital are in the Parent Education room in the Ante natal clinic. Use the Woodcroft Road entrance.

You have a choice of options:

All day Saturday Workshop 10am-4pm either at Croydon Hospital or at Woodlands Children Centre S.Croydon CR2 8HD

This workshop will include the stages of labour, active birth, optimal positions for labour and birth, coping mechanisms, pain relief and how your birth partner can support you. We will also cover taking your baby home and breastfeeding. Please bring in a doll or a teddy with you. Lunch is available to buy in the main hospital entrance but if you would prefer, or if your workshop is at Woodlands Children Centre, you can bring a packed lunch.

Refreshments are available for a small donation.

Car parking: At the hospital you will need to buy a car park ticket for 2 hours but you will then be provided with a pass for the remainder of the time. At Woodlands Children Centre there is local free street parking.

Labour only workshop: some Saturdays 10 am - 1 pm at Croydon Hospital

This workshop will include stages of labour, active birth, optimal positions for labour and birth, coping mechanisms, pain relief and how your partner can support you.

Refreshments are available for a small donation.

How to book your workshop:

  • Book your workshop from 20 weeks of pregnancy
  • Ask your community midwife for a ‘Preparation for birth’ leaflet  and follow how to book
  • Any queries call 0208 401 3860 and leave a message.

Private Parent Education Classes

For more information, contact The National Childbirth Trust on 0844 243 6928

Breastfeeding ‘drop in’ Morning: Friday 10-12 noon in the Parent Education room, Croydon Hospital

This session is for mums and babies who require breastfeeding support but you are welcome to drop in for a chat before you have your baby. For more information visit Breastfeeding Support page.

Supervision of Midwifery

Supervisors of midwives are a team of experienced midwives who have undertaken additional training and are appointed by the Local Supervising Authority. Supervisors of midwives promote excellence in midwifery care by supporting midwives to practice with confidence thereby preventing poor practice. Supervisors of midwives protect the public by investigating any concerns of health, competence, behaviour or misconduct of midwives. The Supervisors of Midwives can support you and your midwife by:

  • Listening and being your advocate on any concerns you have about the care you have received.
  • Supporting and advising you and your midwife about your care choices, for example, place of birth.
  • Creating an environment which facilitates effective communication between you and your midwife or other care givers.
  • Discussing your birth outcome with you and debriefing you if you are unhappy with your birth outcome or treatment. If you have had a difficult or traumatic birth Supervisors of Midwives can go through your notes with you and discuss your experiences if you feel you cannot do this with your midwife.

Our Supervisors of Midwives are:

  • Ann Morling
  • Gina Brockwell
  • Beverly Reyes Roberts
  • Pearl Simpson
  • Karen Rooke
  • Jeanette Hennessy
  • Chericka Fletcher
  • Rosemary Morgan
  • Patience Chandiwana
  • Jo-anne Francis
  • Georgina Sima


To contact a Supervisor of Midwives call the switchboard on 02084013000 and ask to speak to the Supervisor on call

For further information please visit the role of supervisor of midwives section

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