Pregnancy is different for every woman

Whether you’re having your first baby or a new addition to the family, you’ll have lots of questions. We’re here for you. We offer parents-to-be a range of ways to get the information and support they need. 

Our short film tells you all you need to know.

Antenatal services video

Giving birth your choices

Preparing to have your baby - How to self refer

Throughout your pregnancy, your GP and our midwives and doctors will look after you together.

To support you to have a healthy start for you and your baby it is important to arrange your antenatal booking appointment by 10 weeks., You can either refer yourself to the hospital, by completing the online referral form, or by calling the Antenatal Booking Centre (ABC) on 020 8401 3000 ext 4202 or by going to your GP who will refer you. We will aim to ensure that your first booking appointment is within two weeks.

if you aren't already taking folic acid, please start as soon as possible to help your developing baby.

On your first visit you will be asked a few questions about you and your family’s health and previous pregnancies.

We can then plan your care with you. We’ll give you information on diet and foods to avoid, lifestyle considerations like smoking and alcohol, pregnancy care services, maternity benefits, and the screening options you could choose to have. These are explained in a screening information leaflet, which is produced by Public Health England and available in several languages.

We’ll also weigh you, measure you, take your blood pressure and test your urine. All of this helps us to get to know your health better, so we can offer you the best care. You will be offered an ultrasound scan for around 12 weeks to help determine the date you can expect to give birth, and then we’ll plan future visits.
For a first pregnancy we’ll normally plan to see you about ten times. If you’ve had children before, we usually reduce this to about seven times. These appointments can take place at the hospital, your GP surgery or one of our clinics.

If you want to find out more about our facilities and care, then come along to one of our Early Pregnancy Birth Choices evenings - held at 6pm on the first Wednesday of each month - at our Antenatal Clinic (yellow zone) on this map

Book your place at our Birth Choices Evening taking place on Wednesday 7 February 2018 here

How to contact us

  • Antenatal clinic Midwives: 020 8401 3459/3470
  • Antenatal education:020 8401 3860 (ansaphone)
  • Antenatal Booking office: 020 8401 3000 ex 4202 Email:                                                                                                                                          

What are antenatal clinics?

The majority of your pregnancy care (antenatal care) will be provided in a location outside the hospital; however we hold a number of specialist clinics in our hospital where women can be seen by a specialist doctor or midwife if this is required.

If, like the majority of women, you do not have a complication in your pregnancy you will only need to be seen by a midwife and GP.

All clinics are by appointment only and are held Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. All appointments will be arranged by your midwife who will advise you regarding the details of your appointment and why a referral to a specialist clinic has been made.

Where will my antenatal appointments be held?

Once we receive your self-referral form from you or a referral letter from your GP, an appointment with a midwife will be arranged for you along with your first scan. Both appointments are sent in the post to you with details of the location. It is important that we have the correct address and contact number for you. 

Your first appointment with your midwife is known as the 'booking' appointment. The location of your pregnancy care is determined by where you live and is planned to be in a convenient place. The majority of pregnancy care takes place in the community with easy access, such as in your GP surgery, health centre or a children's centre. Scan appointments are always at the hospital.

Booking appointment

This appointment will happen between 8-12 weeks of pregnancy - ideally at 10 weeks. At this consultation the midwife will ask about your medical history and any previous pregnancies. She will do your blood pressure, weigh and measure your height then work out your BMI. The midwife will also take some blood. The blood that she takes is for;

  • Full blood count, to check your iron levels
  • Blood group and antibodies
  • HIV, Rubella, Syphilis & Hepatitis
  • Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia
  • Plus a urine sample

You will be informed of the results within 1 week of testing.

Further blood tests will be taken at 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Before your ultrasound examination

Please remember to bring your maternity notes (green notes) with you. If you have any questions before your appointment, please call one of the numbers above

All scanning takes place at the hospital in the antenatal clinic.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

If you need to change or cancel your appointment for any reason, please call:

  • 12-week scan, 20-week scan and fetal medicine appointments, telephone the antenatal clinic

Please tell us as soon as possible so we can give your appointment to another patient. 

If you need to change appointments please email 

At your ultrasound examination

The examination takes around 20-30 minutes. The sonographer (specialist who performs the ultrasound exam):

  • Applies ultrasound jelly to your abdomen (tummy). This helps to get a clear picture on the screen
  • checks your baby’s development
  • several measurements of your baby will be taken and these are plotted on a chart
  • the information is entered into the computer and on the report which is placed into your maternity notes.

Sometimes it is not possible to get a clear picture due to the way the baby is positioned at the time of your examination.  If this is the case, the sonographer will discuss this with you and may ask you to return on another date for a repeat examination.

If the sonographer has any concerns about your baby she will ask a colleague for a second opinion. If a specialist opinion is required you may be referred to one of the Fetal Medicine Consultants in the antenatal clinic at Croydon University Hospital or at St Georges University Hospital Tooting.

Please ask the sonographer at your appointment if you have any questions or if you would like an ultrasound picture of your baby.

After your ultrasound examination

The report will be placed in your maternity notes and available for the midwife or doctor who referred you for the scan to discuss the results with you. 

We are continually improving our service to offer an excellent standard of care. To make a suggestion, please fill out one of our comment forms available from the reception desk.

 Early pregnancy open evening

Our monthly open evenings are a great way to find out more about giving birth, during the early days of your pregnancy. You’ll be able to gather information, talk to people from lots of local health and care services and find out what to expect during the later stages of your pregnancy. We can also offer support to anyone wishing to stop smoking. The open evening enables you to obtain information from a wide range of different sources, all under one roof, including: 

Our own services: 
Services from other organisations:
  • Children’s information services, hypno birthing, homeopaths, car seat safety, osteopaths, Butterfly company, bra fitting, Before and after Baby, exercise in pregnancy, The National Childbirth Trust, children’s centres, Real Nappy company, cranial osteopath and yoga

Refreshments will be available but please be aware you will be on your feet throughout the evening.#

Our brand new 'Birth Choices' Early pregnancy open evening will take place soon. You'll be able to meet some of the midwives from the Birth Centre and Crocus team. Look around, discuss tips for labour and birth and discuss anything from hypnobirthing to home birth. Partners will be welcome too.

Antenatal classes

We invite women to book onto one of our antenatal classes when they’re about 20 weeks pregnant – and you’ll actually attend the class when you’re between 33–37 weeks pregnant. Most women tell us that this is early enough to give them the reassurance they need and close enough to giving birth that they remember everything they need to.

Classes are run by our team of experienced midwives and you can come alone, with a partner or with a friend. There are lots of opportunities to ask questions.

They are held on the first Wednesday of every month from 7:00pm and finish at 8:30pm. No need to book.

We run several different classes so you can choose the one that best suits you:

Weekend workshops

This comprehensive workshop covers the stages of labour, active birth, labour and birth positions, coping mechanisms, pain relief and how your birth partner can support you. They also look at what to expect when you take your baby home and breastfeeding.

Please bring in a doll or a teddy with you. Lunch is available to buy in the main hospital entrance but if you would prefer, or if your workshop is at Woodlands Children Centre, you can bring a packed lunch.

Labour only workshops: some Saturdays 10 am - 1 pm

These shorter workshops cover the stages of labour, active birth, optimal positions for labour and birth, coping mechanisms, pain relief and how your partner can support you.

Refreshments are available for a small donation.

For information on travel and parking please see our visitors page

How to book 

  • Book your workshop from 20 weeks of pregnancy
  • Ask your community midwife for a ‘Preparation for birth’ leaflet  and follow how to book
  • Any queries call 0208 401 3860 and leave a message.

Private Parent Education Classes

For more information, contact The National Childbirth Trust on 0844 243 6928

You are also welcome to come along to our breastfeeding ‘drop in’ morning, before you have your baby, on Fridays 10-12 noon in the parent education room.


Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit

Our Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit provides scans, to keep a close eye on you and your baby and counselling services for women in the early stages of pregnancy, who may need extra support, reassurance or guidance.  Read more about this service.

Contact the EPAU on 020 8401 3985

Pointing you in the right direction

We work with lots of other local groups, charities and public services who offer support and guidance for new families.


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