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Life as a new parent is rewarding and challenging - but you're not alone.  

We're here to support the whole family and give information and advice when you and your baby return home.

Our short film tells you all you need to know.


Life as a new parent

Life as a new parent

If you have had your baby in hospital, our midwives will look after you until you go home, and keep an eye on you and your baby for a little while. Once you’ve had your baby, one of our health visitors will be in touch to arrange a new birth visit when your baby is around two weeks of age.


Your health visitor

Your health visitor will stay with you until your child starts school, working with your GP to look after the health of you and your new baby. They can give advice on looking after your baby, feeding and any questions you may have about being a new mum. They’ll also let you know about the immunisations that are recommended for your baby, and make sure that your baby is developing as expected.


Help with breastfeeding

Our infant feeding team can visit you in hospital, at home or see you in a local children’s centre or Baby Café. We’re proud to be part ofUnicefs ‘Baby Friendly Initiative’, supporting the loving bond and a vital difference to health that breastfeeding makes.


Additional support for young parents

Learning to be a parent is a new experience for everyone, but when you’re a teenager it can be especially challenging. We have a team dedicated to working with young parents, to make sure you get all of the help you need.

When you choose to have your baby with us, you’ll receive more information about each of these stages, but if you have any questions ask your GP or contact us. 

“The midwives made me feel comfortable and I could ask for anything.” Sophie


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