Main telephone number:
020 8401 3000

Most women have normal labour and safe births – but if something doesn’t go according to plan then it’s reassuring to know that we have a team on-hand to help. 

Additional support is available if you need it

Additional services

Our maternity services are supported by experienced consultant obstetricians, anaesthetists and a first-rate special care baby unit. We also have a team of specialist paediatricians to look after your baby if they need on-going support.

We work closely with neighbouring trusts, so if you need very specialist care that we can’t offer, we can quickly and safely get you to the service you need.

In our team we have midwives with different areas of expertise, to ensure everyone has a safe birth.

This includes:

  • Specialist support for diabetic mums
  • Specialist support for mums who are HIV+ or have Hepatitis B or other conditions
  • Specialist support for women who have caesarean births (the ‘vbac’ programme)
  • Specialist support for women who may experience bereavement


Advice, support and raising concerns

Your midwife should always be your first point of contact for discussions about your care. However, if you would like to speak with someone other than your own midwife, or you are concerned about any element of our service our Supervisors of Midwives are be happy to help.