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Blood test (Phlebotomy)

Once your GP or hospital consultant has talked to you about what blood test you need you will be given a blood test request form.
You can then decide which of the following blood test clinics you wish to attend:

Croydon University Hospital

You can now have your blood test taken at a more convenient time for you

Current Blood Test department opening hours, excluding bank holidays are:

Mon-Weds-Fri: 7am to 4.45pm

Tues & Thurs: extended phlebotomy service, from 7am to 6.45pm

Location: First floor London Wing opposite the Fairfield wards
Ticket system in place – no appointment necessary, simply take a ticket when you arrive and wait for the number on your ticket to be called.
When your number is called please make your way to the clinical area where you will be greeted by a member of the phlebotomy team who will check your blood test request form and take your blood sample(s).
The results will be forwarded to your GP usually within 1 week, or your hospital consultant who will be able to access your results, usually within 24hrs. 
The blood test department at Croydon University Hospital can appear to be very busy at times although this is largely due to other patients attending clinics that are held within the blood test department, if you are unsure as to how long the wait is please check with a member of staff
It is our aim to see you within half an hour of arriving. 
Feedback from patients who have attended the clinic recently is that waiting times have improved and that staff are friendly, efficient and professional.

Anti-coagulation (Warfarin) and Haematology clinics are also held within the department for patients with Orange Book appointments.

A new dedicated line has been established for patients and carers who wish to contact the Anticoagulation Clinic based at Croydon University Hospital for appointments, results and general advice. The direct telephone number for patients and carers is: 0208 401 3000 extension 5673.

Purley Hospital

A walk in Phlebotomy service is now available at Purley Hospital. The current opening times are as follows:

Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays)


1pm to 4.45pm

The Phlebotomy team will be seeking to increase this Purley service in early Spring 2014.

We are pleased to announce that there are plans for a postal Anti Coagulant Clinic to be run from the Purley site too.

Details will be posted when dates are confirmed.

Fasting blood tests 

Appointments can be made for fasting blood tests only between 7 - 8am although priority is given to fasting diabetic patients.
To book an appointment please telephone 020 8401 3420 and state that you would like to book an early morning appointment for a fasting blood test. 

The Blood tests (Phlebotomy) service is managed by the Pathology Services Manager and the Phlebotomy Manager.  

In the event of any query please contact the Phlebotomy Manager, Nathalie Wells on 020 8401 3420.  

Community blood tests

All the clinics below run an appointment system so you will need to make an appointment prior to having your blood test done.  

Brigstock Medical Practice                         020 8689 5941     
Parchmore Medical centre                         020 8251 4375      
Fieldway New Addington                          01689 845122        
Selsdon Park Medical Practice                    020 8657 3442
Woodside Health Centre                          020 8274 6946

For blood test appointments at Croydon hospital >>

Paediatric (children's) Blood Tests

There is a separate paediatric phlebotomy service, for which there is a booking system.  

The Willows Unit provides this service and appointments can be booked by calling the Unit on 020 8401 3177

Children under 12 years requiring a blood test:

Make an appointment in the Willows Paediatrics department, where there is a specialist phlebotomist who will carry out the blood test procedure.
It is recommended that if it is your child’s first blood test, regardless of age, make an appointment in Willows for this to be done. 

Children over 12 years requiring a blood test:

They can be seen in this department at the Phlebotomy Manager’s discretion.

Therefore please make yourself known to the phlebotomist on arrival so that we can assess your child’s suitability to have their blood test carried out in this department.

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